On the Eve of the 3 November Solar Eclipse, A Refresher

For many people Astrology is… well just another thing which says some stuff about who you may be… which may be true and it may just be true because you want it to be true. Or not.

Is it science or something else? You decide.

For me it is a way to start a dialogue with myself… and see where that leads. I respect it as I do psychology, philosophy, and everything else which intrigues me.

Everyday interactions intrigue me too.

Everything speaks to us of ourselves and has the potential to reveal so much more… it is up to you. Think and feel for yourself. Your life is yours… even when you think it may belong to someone else. Does it? You decide.

I adore Julie Demboski’s Astrology because she is a passionate soul with a very intelligent mind and so much more… she hits the nail on the head without hitting the thumb (ouch!) too so many times for me that it is spooky!

We’re in spooky season… this post blew me away because it is exactly what is happening for me!

She is… insightful!

What do I do now?

Explore the insight… see where it leads!