Tears of Autumn

TearsOfAutumn by MoonVooDoo

TearsOfAutumn-BW by MoonVooDoo

Nature is poetic. It speaks the language of the soul. If you sit and observe the movements of the natural world, pressing the pause button on thought, nature can touch you in a place, the heart, the soul, somewhere known yet unknown, and inspire a feeling, a sense, a something in that somewhere known yet unknown.

When trees let go of their leaves, there is a heart-breaking beauty in the act. Those leaves are like tears being shed, but are they tears of sadness, of nostalgia for the Summer which is now becoming a memory, or of release.

When we let go, of a time, a place, a person, we grieve that which is being released, which once meant everything to us, still means a lot, but we can no longer carry it with us where we are going. Perhaps it once propelled us forward, but now it is holding us back. We wish it could go with us, but it can’t.

If deciduous trees held onto their leaves instead of letting them go… then what? The ground would not be covered by their tears, and those tears would not be absorbed by the earth and turned into nourishment to feed the roots of those trees.

So it is with us. A love that has turned into hate, or grief, is not love lost, it is love changing like the seasons. It still nourishes us but in a different way. We let it go so that it can flow and so can we, but it is always a part of us, our being, feeding us, giving us a push and urging us forward.

Letting go is hard, holding on is harder… let nature be your guide. Your muse. Listen to her visual poetry.


      • Things are going ok, given the circumstances. I found out her family had some idea of how she treated me as a kid so I’m feeling a bit numb. But at the same time , I now know why I intuitively knew to keep some distance from them in my 30s. I revealed to them something that happened that they did not know about. Support has nonexistent from the elders regarding that info, however it’s not surprising. NPDM does not know what has been revealed to her family but she will soon.


        • Bravo! Keep doing what you are doing, even in numbness there is power!

          It never fails to surprise how often others knew but did nothing about what they knew… perhaps because they felt powerless to do anything about it or because they did not know what to do. I’ve been on the other side of it, where I saw something similar to what I had been through and I did not know how to help someone who was in a similar position to the one I had been in as a child and young adult and it was as crippling as being on the side where I wished someone would step in and help me. That experience still lives within and spurs me on.

          People, even when they know something, can’t always help us, eventually it comes down to us to help ourselves, even if many years have to pass before we do it.

          Life is effing complicated! Damn! The main thing is that you are expressing yourself now! You are being the person whom you had wished you had had in your life when you were younger. Keep going! Be the you you need to be, the one who protects the you that you once were! Who says what you need to say! Your courage is etched in your chart, time to let it shine!

          Let NPDM deal with the karma which is well overdue!

          Take care of yourself, sending much mojo and blessings your way! I know you can weather this storm and come out of it like a beautiful phoenix. You need this! Those who really love you need you to do this, because they know what it means for you and them, an awesome and powerful rebirth and release!


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