Playing with Cats…

PlayingWithCat by MoonVooDoo

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” ― Terry Pratchett

This photo is of my partner’s hand scrungling (what you do to cats’ bellies with your human hand at your own peril, they may accept it and purr approvingly or attack it, sometimes both) our neighbour’s cat. It’s kind of funny that my partner’s ring should have the skeleton of a fish on it (ring by Crazy Pig Designs).

The internet loves cats. Not all humans love cats. Cats are indifferent to this. To us. Love us, hate us, we don’t care, just obey us, they say. Kidding, or am I?

Fascinating beings. Are they as wise as they seem? What do they know that we do not? We can learn a lot about life from cats, but we sometimes are a bit reluctant to learn such things…. especially from animals. Humans are such sensitive creatures prone to doing that judging and hierarchy thing. Yawn, says cat.

Our neighbours love their cat. Their cat loves them too, but it quite likes us too, we’re in its territory. Our cat… thinks this cat needs to back off its humans, it was here first and it is not sharing. Ah… well…


21 thoughts on “Playing with Cats…

    1. And now I have a new word too! ‘Bongling’ also applies to what the brain does inside the skull when you realise you’ve just been outwitted by your cat yet again 😉


    1. Not sure what your cat would think about your reincarnation theory about her previous life 😉 A dog!?! My cat occasionally yaps. It’s strange.

      Cats are fascinating, with very defined personalities, and they adjust themselves to each human with whom they interact. My cat is very different with me than with my partner, he rarely gets woken up, but then again I am the regular food dispenser. If my cat could figure out a way to open the food packs…


  1. Seeing this photo reminds me of how much I miss cats. I wish I could have some. I live where there are too many coyotes and I do not feel right about keeping my feline friends detained within the house only.


    1. I wasn’t too keen on getting a cat, due to this and that, past and present, moving around a lot and stuff, my partner convinced me otherwise… due to a series of weird and wonderful events which led us to the local animal shelter. He fell in love with a wonderful cat who now owns us and gives us so much (although the cat in the pic is our neighbours’ cat and our cat does not approve of his interloping). Our cat is ex-feral so we were advised to keep it housebound for a while. It’s not that interested in going outside, which means less worry about foxes, of which we have plenty in the area, and the busy road close by. Sometimes life just works out a certain way… humans need to stop thinking things through so much, says cat 😉


      1. I love cats – I put together a kitty maintenance guide for anyone looking after my creature – who’s ambushed me this morning and had me working in bed. She does know better normally, but it’s turned really chilly today!


        1. Chilly weather does tend to make our cat masters more bossy than usual. It’s for our own good, why would we want to get out of a warm bed when it’s cold outside. I get poked on the cheek by a soft paw in the morning, that’s my wake-up alarm, then the breakfast ritual begins. When it’s cold that ritual includes a snuggle under the covers. Impossible to resist 😉


          1. Well I had to quickly minimise my word doc before she took over editting it for me! She procurred a little spot to me left between the pillows and by notepads – and looks rather pleased about it! Bless her, she must’ve known – I actually slept in a bit later today, so she gave me a little wake up call! 😀


                1. That grumbling is intimidating, isn’t it! I’m off to do some cleaning (or something which masquerades as cleaning), which means lots of grumbling from the cat who hates that noisy monster that gets dragged around on carpets… I get to have a bit of fun with it (I’ll pay for it later with a pound of flesh). Enjoy your day, those pillows do sounds very Mmmmm 😀 Fairly certain Winter is for hibernating for non-bears too!


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