A Ginger-faced Man and an Angry Woman make a Superb Film

Sightseers Poster

I watched Sightseers (2012) last night and was blown away by its brilliance. It captures so many nuances about life, people, relationships and so much more in a tightly written, wonderfully acted, and superbly directed film.

The seemingly utter randomness of how we get from A to B in life, and the undercurrents which guide us. How one incident can open up an unexpected door, and when it does we may step through it without thinking things through because we’re so happy to not be stuck in a dead end anymore. How we all feel that we have something more within us that would change our lives if we could just find a way to express it, so we seek to express ourselves but don’t always find a way to do so, then when we do is it the path we would have imagined our self-expression to take. How we long to find a soul mate, a person who will get us and encourage us to pursue our dreams, yet when we do it may not be quite the idealised fairytale dream we’d hoped for, sometimes it is better, sometimes worse, and sometimes it is a bizarre adventure that mixes the light and dark aspects of love.

The relationship between the two main characters is beautiful in a slightly sinister way, like most relationships. It reminded me a bit of my own experience of getting to know my partner, we took a trip similar to the one in the film and went to a couple of the places they went. So it was a strange saunter down memory lane. We just didn’t get up to the shenanigans they did, but I suppose it could have happened… in life, anything can happen to anybody at any moment given the right or wrong circumstances.

And I love the normalness of it all… and the fact that normal is just the surface mask we all wear over our inner crazy. Sometimes we keep that mask on for our entire life, and sometimes the string holding it on snaps.

I can’t say much more without giving it away and I don’t want to spoil the surprises. I watch a lot of film and TV and have become a tad jaded about plots and their supposed twists, this one kept me riveted and shocked, it made me gasp and laugh, and gasp-laugh, it was utterly ordinary and extraordinary, and I absolutely loved it!

I can’t remember if it was on Lovefilm or Netflix, but it’s on one of those, maybe on both… if you love quirky humour which is dark, slightly dreary, and cuttingly clever, then give this a go.