Layering With Fire

ChargrilledPizza by MoonVooDoo FireYellowPages by MoonVooDoo FlickeringLick by MoonVooDoo FragmentedWords by MoonVooDoo

Some bloke named Prometheus is rumoured to have been the original twisted fire starter. He broke into a Big Wig’s home and stole a valuable lighter.

He was fed up with living in the dark. Bored of having to get up really early with first light, do a bunch of work, then go to bed when the Sun set because it was too dark to do anything else… almost anything else I suppose. There just seemed to be no element of fun to life.

Life was dull and sucked a lot especially in Winter. It was kind of nice to sleep those extra hours, stay in a warm bed when it was so cold outside, but at the weekend he wanted to party.

So he decided to stop being a victim of the rules and take rule-breaking action.

He wasn’t selfish though, he shared his loot with his neighbours. And life got a little bit brighter for everyone.

Later he had a spot of bother with his liver. I guess partying all night can takes its toll on the body.

Thanks to Prometheus and his thievery, we’ve been playing with fire for a very long time.

Okay, maybe that story is just one someone made up while sitting around a camp fire.

Humans like to make stuff up. What’s the point of imagination if you don’t allow it to run barefoot through the valleys of the mind.

Humans like heroic tales… especially if the hero is naughty and giving the finger to authority figures who are suppressing the masses.

Humans also like to blame women for unleashing hell on the world. There was this bird named Pandora who is rumoured to have been very curious… but that’s another story.

And humans like fire. We like water too, just in case our need to burn things gets a bit out of control. We get distracted making stuff up and… oops.

One of the things I find fascinating about fire is its ability to reveal the layers of things which can appear flat to the eye.

A piece of cardboard is made up of many layers, but we hardly notice them as we are used to seeing it especially when it is in a form we see so often we don’t see it anymore. It is just a regular bit of cardboard, one which is enclosing something we want. Who cares about what is on the outside, the thing on the inside is more important, especially if it is a pizza and we are very hungry and love pizza. Nom, nom, nom… But when the heat of flame licks its surface, it ripples, peels and strips back its clothing becoming a thing of beauty.

Another thing I find intriguing is how a page with writing on it can remain intact after burning. You can read the writing, but it is no longer written in ink. The page looks whole, but one touch, one errant breath, and it disintegrates into a soft, warm, fine dust.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust… these things are treasures to a photographer’s lust… and capturing it is a must.

I am not a poet and I know it.

Everything and everyone has layers… sometimes we find that out the easy way, by seeing and exploring, and sometimes we discover it the hard way by getting our fingers burned, figuratively and literally… the latter often reveals the layers beneath our skin.

*For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


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