Mind Food – That’s my Hard Rock Hallelujah!

What tempts me? Not food, not the edible by mouth kind anyway. Unless I’m hungry, then it’s whatever is available, that’ll do to shush the physical hunger. Sure I prefer some foods to others. I hate chocolate. I can’t eat ice cream, or cheese, or any kind of dairy because it is allergic to me.  I love edamame beans. But they don’t tempt me. I can pass them up as often as I scoff them down.

I’ve gone without food for a couple of weeks here and there. It wasn’t a fad diet aimed at making myself fit into clothes. Clothes have to fit me or eff the eff right off.  I have enough criticism in my life as it is, I don’t need clothes to do it too. It was a matter of not having money to buy food, or having the energy to beg, borrow, sing for my supper or steal it. Those times taught me that when you’re really hungry everything (including people) looks and tastes (I’ve never eaten a person, but I haven’t ruled it out completely) delicious, and is tempting especially when you can’t have it but need it. And when you get it, you aren’t a fussy fuss pot.

The kind of food I find hard to resist is mind food. Something which makes my mind buzz, rock and roll. I love to think, so anything which challenges me to do so is not just tempting but delectably desired.

One of my sources of mind food is films. The more indie and different, the better! Love Mumblecore and that kind of thing.

Last night I watched two films.

One – The Giant Mechanical Man (2012) – was charming and quirky. A cleverly observed, written and directed and acted take on the romcom without all the cliched mush, ridiculous set-ups and implausible pairings. There were a couple of cliches, one which elicited a groan. But it sort of was appropriate. And life has cliches, so you can’t escape them. Mostly the film kept my bitchy film critique quiet, thankfully, and stirred my thinking side with all sorts of mind food and prompted tangential journeys.

The other one – Dark Floors (2008) – was… wtf was it about!?! It was based upon an idea from Mr. Lordi, and the members of the band had guest appearances as supernatural beings.

Lordi? Who is Lordi? Okay… ever heard of Eurovision? The Eurovision song contest? Perhaps it is better if you haven’t. It is a cliche laden mush fest of awful pop. Harsh? That’s how my ears perceive it, and I have to admit that I have watched it more often than I really should. It’s kind of fascinating. Especially the voting bit, because of the political angle. It’s countries voting for other countries… I’m surprised it doesn’t create more incidents than it does. But these days it’s too long and too tortuous. There are semi-finals and stuff… too much for my ears to take.

Eurovision is fairly predictable, but every now and then a big mind food surprise blows predictability out of the room. Lordi was one of those. They were awesome and completely wrong for Eurovision, and no one thought they’d win, well, I was doubtful, but that’s exactly what they did. For a moment the world seemed like it had come to its senses. Hard Rock Hallelujah indeed!

Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah – 2006 Eurovision Winner

As for the film… hmmm… a couple of things did make me think, nothing to do with the film itself… it kind of deserves the rating it has on IMDB, but it still had a certain something extra… red crayon, blue crayon… there is mind food there to be explored, ingested, digested and the stuff which happens after that!

Sometimes that which is simply irresistible is that way because there is no other way to go but wherever it leads which… is where exactly? Over there where you haven’t been yet… That’s mind food!


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