Internet Treasures: Self Portrait Extravaganza after the link!

I love faces. I love portraits. I absolutely love self portraits because it’s more than just a picture of a face, it’s a picture of a face taken by the owner of the face, so there is so much more depth and all sorts to it!

I used to hate pictures of my face. I hated taking photographs too. Especially of myself. And I used to hate my face. Long story. Short version…

Someone gave me a camera. I thought they were crazy. I began to take photos. And found I enjoyed taking photos of my face. Go figure.

What we hate we love, what we love we hate. Something like that!

I use myself as a model because I’m always available. Because I don’t mind experimenting. Because I don’t mind being ugly. Because I post my photos on the internet. I know my friends say they don’t mind… but… when it comes down to it, the photos I want to use aren’t the ones they want me to use, and things get complicated. So I try to keep it simple. Use myself and life is simplified.

I have found that using myself as a subject is a challenge which reveals all the stuff I try to hide from myself. It’s therapy of a very interesting kind. The subconscious tends to express itself in micro expressions and unguarded moments, and through imagery. Take a whole bunch of shots rapidly of yourself and you’ll find at least one which was a moment in between poses, which shows you a version of yourself you rarely see. Hmmm. Do I delete it or is it the best one?


I came across this page – 100 Seriously Cool Self-Portraits (And Tips To Shoot Your Own) by Joshua Johnson – when I was looking to refine the amateurish amateur that I am. And decided it was an internet treasure trove there and then.

My favourite of the lot is this one…

selfportrait-Phil Hilfiker

Talk to the hand by Phil Hilfiker

It says reaching out to others, yet remaining guarded… to me, which is what we all do in relationships.

All the images are awesome! And so are the ones posted by those commenting!

All selfies and self portraits are awesome because they reveal the person behind the camera as well as the one in front of it!

Here’s one of mine (below) which surprised me. I took it after a shoot aimed at capturing something which I failed to capture, I lacked focus and patience but tried anyway, then I messed around a bit afterwards and captured something which I wasn’t expecting or trying to capture.

This image of me… well, it’s me but not me. I had one of those moments of – Fucking hell I’m beautiful! Sorry for the language used but… fucking hell! Who the fuck is that!?! I don’t normally look like this or see myself like this. It’s a fleeting moment of… WTF!?!

DoYouSeeWhatISee by MoonVooDoo

I called it – Do You See What I See. Because we never see ourselves the way others see us, and even when we do… our beliefs about ourselves are often challenged too far to accept the challenge. And… surely no one else has seen this person. Who is she!?! WTF!?!

I love the fact that my hand in this pic is… slightly grimey.

And now we breathe deeply and return to… normal.


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