The Greatest Superpower in the World!

These days everything has to be a superpower. Natural ability and talent is worth nothing unless it has superpower potential.

A superpower is really just a natural ability, a talent, which has been focused on so much it has become larger than life. It’s normal on steroids.

Being invisible is a meah superpower. Why? Because… we all can do it. I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t felt invisible at some point in their lives, and many of those people still feel invisible.

Making yourself visible… well, it’s a questionable superpower. The easiest way to do it is by doing something which upsets the status quo. NOW they see you, but what they see may repulse them.

Being bad always gets more attention than being good. Most of us learn that when we are very small… smallness makes you invisible, to get some attention from the giants, you have to piss them off.

Being invisible is painful, being visible can be painful too, but at least you’re not invisible.

Truth is, even when people see us, they can’t see us. So, it’s a frustrating power.

Often our invisibility, and the pain it inspires makes us turn to the dark side of power.

One of those dark powers is being bad. But anyone can be bad, and the competition is fierce.

Another one of those dark powers is making others feel invisible.

People make others feel invisible, unheard and unseen, all the time.

It’s passive-aggressive vengeance.

It’s a power game which has been used for centuries. It’s old, very old with wrinkles and white hair, an old crone of a power, but it never goes out of fashion and is immortal with fangs.

You could call it a superpower.

Some people do use it as if it was one.

Some people think no one else knows what they are doing, perhaps because this power is new to them. Power tends to make newbies to it intoxicated with stupid.

Some people lack the other skills needed to use their superpowers for good, and so they end up using and abusing them for bad stuff. Not sure if it is really bad or just mediocre. And it usually ricochets right back at them, times three witch spell style.

We all know when someone is deliberately ignoring us. We don’t think they’re powerful, we think they’re assholes. But superheroes and supervillains usually are. Yup, superheroes are assholes, they just use it for good so we forgive them for their assholian ways.

Society’s obsession with superpowers annoys me. I’ve ranted and written about it before. Why does it annoy me? I’ve asked myself that quite a few times. I have answered it many times. I wondered if it was because I often feel powerless, invisible and unable to make myself visible, and even when I am visible no one sees me, they see who they want me to be for them, and often who they want me to be is a witness to their existence and their superpowers. It’s frustrating and tiresome.

But what really annoys me is that we all, without exception, have one of the greatest superpowers in the world within us… and very few realise that and use it. Instead we chase after dreams of great power… of superpowers we do not have but desire… and make ourselves and others suffer because of it.

I’m still not convinced that Hope isn’t the most evil entity in Pandora’s box. Because hope makes people lose sight of the here and now and the abilities they actually possess.

So… What is the greatest superpower in the world?

Your ability to see others, really see them as they are not as you hope they are, and make them feel seen. To give someone life by acknowledging they exist.

Can’t you hear the screaming? It’s effing deafening! Everyone wants to be seen… yet no one is seeing. And yet we all have the ability to see (physical blindness does not exclude you, on the contrary it makes you more aware of the power of seeing with more than just the eyes).

Want to be invisble, then just deliberately ignore the world, the sea of people, around you, ignore their cries to be seen. They’ll return the favour.

Want to be visible, then pay attention to the world, to all those people clamouring to be seen. Too much? What about those in your immediate environment? Are you seeing them, or just demanding attention from them, only giving them some to get it for yourself?

The secret to popularity is… find out what most people want and provide it. Be careful though… they may want more than you can give because they are starving for attention.

You already have a superpower… you are that superpower. Can you see it? Can you see yourself?


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  2. YES absolutely – ‘Your ability to see others, really see them as they are not as you hope they are, and make them feel seen. To give someone life by acknowledging they exist.’ Thank you for this thoughtful writing


  3. Ursula, you introduced a new way of perceiving invisibility to me. You’re right when you say everyone feels invisible at a point in life. I felt that way in school too, especially when I had warm affections (i.e. a crush) for a particular girl. I understand. I faced ridicule for various reasons: wearing glasses, enrolled in a special educations class, and asking questions. We all perceive others in a biased lens–we see the good or the bad, or both. Oftentimes, we judge others based on physical appearances and other factors to attest if they are a friend or foe. I’ve done it-everyone has.


    • Thank you very much 🙂

      As hard as many of the experiences we have can be there’s always a flip side to them. Our experiences give us insight into the experiences of others. For instance facing ridicule allows us to know what it is like to be on the receiving end of that kind of bias, it gives us intelligent empathy, and inspires us to pause for thought before we judge others as we have been judged. It makes us more aware of what lies beneath the surface of people, and lets us see beyond the visible.

      Sometimes physical appearances are very informative about a person, they can tell a story about the person’s hopes, ambitions, and life. It all depends on how we read it, as it can also tell a story about us based on what we see when we look at them. Perception is fascinating to explore, there are seemingly endless ways of looking at people and things, at life.


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