A Year Ago Today: A Firefly Inspired me

Just go with me, or don’t (I’m very keen on freedom of individual choice) on this Year Ago Today series, because I’m experimenting and once I get hold of an idea I’m like a dog with a bone until another bone tempts me to drop the one clenched between my teeth or I get bored of my obsession of the moment or I find out what I wanted to know and move on to the next thing I want to know. Something like that.

I’m enjoying this idea because… A year ago today I would never have imagined that I would be in the pickle I’m in now, it’s quite a tasty pickle, and I like pickles, but they give me indigestion, and I don’t like indigestion (especially if the farts smell like sulfur… um… TMI?)

So… before I lose focus completely…

A year ago today I was immersed in the joys of Firefly. My favourite character is River Tam. I would love to be like her and love this line of hers:

Firefly quote - River Tam

Wouldn’t that be the most irresponsible fun!?! To be able to kill with your brain! But oh the regret afterwards because of lack of self control… but maybe if we had such a power we would be very careful and responsible with it. But we’re human, so… probably not.

And we all sort of do have that power, just not as straightforward as that.

Anyway, luckily my brain is not like River Tam’s and the only person likely to be killed by my brain is me.

The character whom I am most like, unfortunately or fortunately, it could go either way, is Jayne Cobb:

Firefly T-shirt - Jayne Cobb

Firefly T-shirt via ThinkGeek (not sure if it is available anymore)

I don’t think I’m as potentially treacherous as he is, prone to stabbing people in the back due to selfish goals, but I do have an impulsive streak which, if I had access to the weapons he has… well, I don’t, so I’ll never know for sure. But underneath all the testosterone infused he-man exterior, he’s a softy. I’m the opposite of that. I’m a softy on the outside, just don’t damage my calm. I have a he-man living inside of me, a very lazy sleepy one who is very grumpy when woken. Or something like that.

This is a very silly post. Today was a serious day offline, so I’m balancing that out by being silly online.