A Year Ago Today: Happy End of the World Day!

Remember this time last year? Wasn’t the world supposed to end or did I just imagine that?

Here’s a post I wrote this time last year:

Tomorrow is the End of the World apparently. I should mention that I’ve lived through several of these end of the world predictions. I can’t remember why it was supposed to end all the other times, but the reasons why it is supposed to end are always a bit fanciful. Humans are such funny creatures, aren’t we.

If it does end, then that’s that. It’s been emotional – one of my favourite quotes from a movie, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Thank you for sharing this beautiful crazy time on this insanely wonderful planet with me, perhaps we’ll meet on another planet in another life somewhere sometime. I hope so, you’re awesome!

My guess is it won’t end. Some people will be very disappointed. Some will be relieved. Most of us will smile, shrug, and carry on as usual. We’re survivors and that’s what survivors do.

The one thing I like about this sort of thing is the thoughts and feelings it inspires. The questions it raises. Such as… Are you living your life according to you, or according to others. What if you could live your life as you would choose to live it, what would you be doing. What would you do right now to change your life. And a million other variations on the theme.

The best article I have read so far is a blog post by Ruby Slipper Astrology. It’s level-headed, and thought-provoking. It says a lot without saying too much. It asks questions without answering them for you.

You. You are the most important person in your life. Take care of yourself.

This Christmas, if you’re still here and the world hasn’t ended, buy yourself a present from you to you, something which you really want, really need, or feel you should really have. Surprise yourself.

It is not selfish to put yourself first, on the contrary, when you put everyone else first you hurt yourself and you become secretly resentful of those whom you put first. That’s not good for them, and it is definitely not good for you. If you make yourself happy in whatever way you can, that happiness is naturally passed on to all those whose lives you touch.

When I talk about happiness, I mean something deeper than just smiling and pretending you’re fine and happy. Real happiness is accepting you’re sad, grumpy, crazy, weird, angry, and all the other emotions you have, because you free yourself from who you think you should be, and allow yourself to be everything and everyone you are. And there are many versions of you inside of you, and each one is you, a part of you, and deserves to shine, even if the light is a dark light, it is as beautiful as all the rest of you.

Happy and Merry End of the World Day!

Love you all very much!

Thank you!

And, see you when it’s over and isn’t over!

So, How are you celebrating the End of the World Day?


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