The Funny Brainy Flight of Kristen Schaal


“I think I’ve always had a disconnect from what I’m supposed to be like.” – Kristen Schaal


Last night I watched the rerun sans adverts of a very British end of year thingy – The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

The year before I think I zoned out when it was on, but this year had me in britches peeing stitches. Kristen Schaal was a member of the panel and handled the fish out of water experience which so many American celebrities suffer from when on shows in Britain, surrounded by and engulfed in the quirkiness of Brit humour, with brains and laughter.

She definitely looked very confused by the other members of the Quiz at times – which included the host, Jimmy Carr, and Jack Whitehall, Jonathan Ross, Dara O’Briain, Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade, but she took it in her stride.

Americans always have a hard time understanding that British Shows aren’t censored like American shows, and it takes a while for them to realise how much you can say quite freely on British TV. Swearing is perfectly normal and just part of the conversation.

I almost had to leave the room due to laughter spasms when everyone was taking the piss out of Danny Dyer and his impossibly tight jeggings. He’s a game sort of chap, but even he found it rough! But still he weathered the piss take and managed to get out of it still looking cool… sort of. He certainly has had much practice with such things considering some of his films, I’m thinking of – Doghouse (2009). Which was funny. But he was superb in – Closure (2007).

Good show. Very funny. And reminded me of things which happened this year which completely passed me by. So not really reminding me at all but new to me. Where the eff was I this year when stuff was going down? No idea!


You know those rather silly but ultimately inanely important conversations which you have with friends… such as who would play you in the film version of your life? I would choose Kristen Schaal to play me. I have said this to my friends with mixed reviews. I know she’d be better than me, isn’t that how casting works!?!

If you don’t know who she is… I’ll pretend that you do because if you haven’t seen her show stealing performance as a creepy cute super stalker fan in the Flight of the Conchords…………………………. why!?! Oh, you were busy living your real life and you’re not addicted to TV like I am. Um… fair enough.

Stalking with Mel – Slight of the Conchord clips

She cracks me up!  I think she may be crazier than I am… but only when she’s in character. She’s probably very normal in real life… unlike me 🙂