New Year Revolutions – Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries don’t do Resolutions

UranusAndPlutoGivingAdvice by MoonVooDoo

If you’re thinking of making New Year resolutions, or you’ve made them and are wondering if this year you’ll keep them (longer than last year), may I suggest turning your resolutions into revolutions instead. Don’t think about it though. It’s not an intellectual revolution of the kind where you think you want to make this improvement or that, it’s an all encompassing inner revolution, where you feel a primal creative urge to lay waste to an old form which is no longer helping you by supporting your growth but is hindering further growth. An old skin which needs to be ripped off.

You know where this revolution has to occur. You’ve known it for a while. The pressure has been building over the year and maybe longer over several years or even your entire life. You feel as though you’re about to blow. You can’t take it anymore. Enough! If you don’t act now and start the revolution… it’ll probably start anyway and probably already has, but you want to be a part of it rather than swept along by it helplessly. This revolution is about owning your personal power and realising that you’re not helpless, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

What prompted that thought which made me write those words? Well, I’ve been looking ahead a bit into the New Year using astrology. My birthday is coming up and I did my Solar Return chart which made me aware of the interactions going on right now amongst the planets. I read astrology articles regularly, and the astrology blogs are abuzz with what’s happening in the universe and on Earth right now, but it’s abstract… until it becomes personal.

There is some very awe-inspiring energy in the air this New Year… and it affects me personally. Pluto is in orb of conjunction with my Sun and it is trine my Ascendant. Uranus is in orb of conjunction with my North Node, in sextile with my Mercury and opposing my Jupiter. So, I’m being zapped and feeling like passing the zap on after it has passed through me. My revolution for this coming year is to continue to understand my own personal power (Pluto conjunct Sun) and to inspire others to become more aware of their personal power too.

Sounds a bit crazy perhaps, like someone on the verge of some really bad ego trip, maybe, we’ll see, but… dealing with accepting your own personal power is never easy, which is why we often hand it over to others and let them take control for us of us, and when your personal power is fueled by Pluto and Uranus you tend to have to go to extremes before you find the sweet spot in the perfect centre (if such a thing exists).

Going insane to eventually reach some semblance of sanity… a very individual, eccentric type of sanity.

The image above is a doodle I did a while ago when I was trying to figure out how my natal Pluto in Virgo conjunct Uranus in Libra interacted and affected me. They’re located in my 1st house of identity (crisis). So understanding their influence seems important, and it is because it explains to me something which psychology and other forms of self exploratory systems have failed to do – Why I am such an adamantly rebellious soul (or why am I so effing crazy).

I was introduced to astrology when I was in my teens. But the information available at the time was either too complicated or not complicated enough. And Pluto and Uranus were given the brush off in most of the books which I read because they were generational planets rather than personal planets. A short blurb saying you and everyone else born during this age will share this influence and that’s that so don’t worry about it, focus on your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, that’s plenty for you to work with and will solve all your questions. Don’t bother with Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, they move very slowly and their influence is subtle, spread out amongst the collective consciousness, impersonal and therefore has very little to do with you as an individual. Which I accepted as I didn’t know any better.

After fruitless attempts to relate deeper than at a superficial level to anything I read, and a couple of chart readings from astrologers which left me feeling frustrated, I gave up on astrology and pursued other avenues which offered the means of self discovery and understanding.

I should point out that I had the time of my birth wrong when I first explored astrology and had the chart readings done by the astrologers. So that didn’t help matters. That wrong natal chart gave me Aquarius rising, so it seemed right to me because it sort of explained why I was naturally odd, strange, crazy.

You know those times when you say – If only I’d known then what I know now…

Well, then was then and now is now, and if you had known then what you know now, you’d still be here now wishing your past self was smarter because you’d still know more than you did then, that’s how life works, it’s a natural progression.

But it is how I feel about it. Perhaps I’d have accepted myself as I am sooner instead of struggling and fighting against my true nature because who I am seemed like the worse thing I could be. I just wanted to fit in, find my place in the world and get on with my life. Find a base, HQ, foundation where I felt safe and welcome and where I could settle and start to build a home for myself. But that was not to be… I never felt right or ready to truly relax and then blossom. I was always on the qui vive, prepared for battle, no time to stop anywhere or rest. It was exhausting, but trying to stop myself from doing it only made me do it more because I felt attacked from within as well as from without.

I knew this about myself and it drove me insane. I could observe myself from a detached perspective and yet what I observed wasn’t of any use because I was still caught in a nightmare of existential angst, confusion and inability to accept myself. I wanted to carve myself into a shape for which I was not designed to be carved into. The fabric of my being was not the kind which could be chiseled by manmade tools, it could only be formed by the elements of nature.

Then one day I came across Jeff Green’s Pluto book and… astrology once again beckoned to me. I argued with the call to return to it. But it insisted. Upon reading the book I bonded immediately with his description of Pluto in the 1st rather than the description of where I thought my natal Pluto was due to the wrong time… and it dawned me that in typical (impatient Mars and easily confused Neptune in the 3rd) dyslexic mind flipping mode I’d probably read my time wrong, switching a.m. and p.m. the same way I switch left and right. And so I checked, again and again, confirmed my error, again and again, and set my natal chart correctly, setting in motion what was already in motion and picking up momentum – A revolution of the self.

Ever since transiting Pluto and Uranus have formed this square, astrologers everywhere have been writing about them almost to the point of excluding all other planets. The personal planets have been gradually taking a seat on the shelf while the outer planets have been getting some much needed and well-earned attention.

Neptune has been getting some loving too, especially since it moved into Pisces and increased everyone’s sensitivity.

But Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are the stars of the show. You’d better notice us now, they said very definitely, because what we have to say and what we’re going to do is going to blow all your resolutions away and start a revolution of the kind which transforms how you experience your personal life and life on this planet.

Dramatic? Yes. But life is dramatic, chaotic and wild, we just sometimes forget it is because we work so hard to pretend it is neat, tidy, logical and stable. Then a big gust of wind, an earth tremor, a tidal wave, or a volcanic eruption pay us a visit and change our landscape, individually and collectively.

I was reading an article which described Pluto as cold. I thought what I always do when I read something like that – You don’t know Pluto as I know Pluto. That’s my Pluto in the 1st (trine my ego – Sun) talking. It sounds very arrogant, and it is. Pluto is an arrogant lust for life. But the way I mean it is not – you don’t know what you’re talking about – but – Pluto is a primal force and thus how you experience it will be very different to how I experience it. To me Pluto is the hot molten lava which rises up from my core and courses through my veins heating up my life force, my personal primal force. My primal force is hot. So Pluto is hot. If your primal force is cold, then Pluto is cold. Neither one is good or bad or better or worse, it’s your core, it holds everything within it, it is where all duality combines into a whole big ball of individuality.

Then again, I’m a Capricorn, often considered a cold sign. Your cold is my hot – that’s some Capricorn capriciousness for you!

So, Pluto in Capricorn combined with Uranus in Aries is about revolution, a practical earthy revolution and a feisty fiery revolution. A new beginning built upon a new solid foundation. All born out of the experience, knowledge, trauma, and life which you have lived and learned and gathered up until this point.

Years ago someone else gave birth to you and here you are ready to give birth to yourself and seize control of your own nurturing and the personal power which your nature already owns but is waiting for you to accept.

Welcome to the New Year revolution!


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