Telling the Truth is always a Dare

The title of this post – Telling the Truth is always a Dare – is in answer to:

Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare
Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRUTH.

The sky went suddenly very dark, the sound of natural electricity cracked across the gloomy silence, a rumble echoed in the distance… then all hail broke loose.

AllHailBrokeLoose by MoonVooDoo

Truth has a similar effect, especially on the person who finally breaks their silence and dares to speak their truth… it doesn’t matter if that truth is shared by anyone else.

It helps if others agree and believe…

But if they don’t it does not make your truth any less untrue.

Dare to know your truth and then express it!

The hail storm which broke over my house today and threatened to break windows with its ferocious pellets ushered in the coming storm of 2014.

This is a year of personal revolution, be it a new revolution just started or a continued one which is already in motion.

Beginnings don’t always start at the beginning.


    • Hard to tell sometimes, and sometimes I think it’s always the middle! Still, what’s that saying, if one door closes, climb out of the window even if you have to break it because it’s been sealed shut with years of paint jobs 😉


  1. Telling the truth is always a dare. That is a genius statement. I get the impression that truth for you is relative. I don’t know if I agree, but I do appreciate your willingness to speak your truth, in spite of what others think and feel about it…because it is your truth. Breaking through the silence – a year of personal revolution – brave and courageous – good for you!


    • Thank you!

      Truth is very subjective. Studying history made me very aware of that, especially if you study wars. It is also something which comes into play when dealing with relationships, especially when that relationship is at war. Both sides of an argument are the truth for each side. Resolving an argument requires seeing alternate versions of the truth, accepting and acknowledging both sides’ versions of truth and finding common ground if at all possible. A place where alternate truths overlap.

      Understanding that has helped me a lot. I can speak my truth without it needing to be the truth for anyone else. And I can listen to other people’s truth and not need it to be mine as well. It enriches interactions.

      And I love it when people argue with me, because it challenges my mind to stretch itself beyond its present limits 😀


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