The Zen of Narcissists: Lesson #1 – Tell other people what is wrong with them and this will make you superior

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Counting other people’s sins does indeed make you a saint, but only if you’re special (extraordinary immortal superhuman) like the Narcissist who is counting your (ordinary mortal human) sins and telling you what they are over and over and over again to remind themselves how superior they are to you and to remind you how inferior to them you are. – according to the Zen of Narcissists.

For a Narcissist letting you know everything that is wrong with you and your life is the path to superiority – for them not you. You need to know what is wrong with you, because it makes them know that they are right about everything. They’re perfect too, and perfect people must point out the imperfect flaws of others. That is their purpose and their purpose is very important.

Condescension is the attitude which leads to Narcissist ascension.

Such is the Zen of Narcissists.

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