Internet Treasures: Genius Astrology

Humphrey Bogart (Capricorn) still from Casablanca   I came across this astrology blog the other night - Genius Astrology - and read this wonderful write up on Capricorn - Capricorn Gets Shit Done (or, How to Win at New Year's Resolutions) - which is not just for Capricorn Suns, but for all those who have... Continue Reading →

Winning the One Lovely Blog Award!!

I would like to thank the very lovely and brave Madeline Scribes for nominating my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

I love blog award nominations because they are a wonderful way of receiving encouragement – blogging is one of those things you do for yourself first, as you power your blog, but then when what you do touches others it gives you the sort of feedback which is priceless and celebrates who you are just as you are and who others are as they are – and it is also a great way to encourage others – the blogging world is a community and when we support each other we support ourselves.

I love Madeline Scribes’ blog and her writing is beautiful, full of courage and the fire of a truly inspiring soul.

Please check her blog out if you have time and if you haven’t already, and please check out the blogs of her nominees.

I will get around to passing the award on… it may take me a while, but I eventually do what I say I will… eventually (you said that already).

Thank you!

Madeline Scribes


I would like to thank Quirky Books, read the difference for awarding Madeline Scribes with the One Lovely Blog Award. It is an honor, but most of all this is validation that I can indeed write something lovely that folks want to read about. Thank you Sandra for coming by to visit me over here and for taking the time to soak up the words I bang out on my keyboard. You are an inspiration to everyone that writes!!

Now I have some awards to present myself, so here goes!  

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The Zen of Narcissists: Lesson #6 – Censorship and Control

Fre.... by BossLogic You get the majority of your Narcissistic Supply from conversation. So it is vital that you control the flow of verbal interaction. Other people might want to discuss themselves and their lives. They call this sharing, you call this a waste of your precious time. They might want to talk about the... Continue Reading →

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