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Humphrey Bogart (Capricorn) still from Casablanca


I came across this astrology blog the other night – Genius Astrology – and read this wonderful write up on Capricorn – Capricorn Gets Shit Done (or, How to Win at New Year’s Resolutions) – which is not just for Capricorn Suns, but for all those who have a planet or planets in Capricorn, or Capricorn rising, or who are feeling the pressure of transiting Pluto in Capricorn.

I really enjoyed her take on Capricorn energy. It was a refreshing view of a much maligned sign.

“The Capricorn archetype is the badass hero who has been around the block and doesn’t make a big deal of his own badass-ity.

On paper, Capricorn may not be thrilling, but when its relentless drive and maturity is activated by human will and agency, it can be a thing of powerful beauty.”

Some people have said to me that Capricorn is not the only sign that gets a bad rap. True. But our bad rap isn’t sexy, or visionary, or alluring in any way. It’s cold, dry and rather dull.

“Capricorn doesn’t have to be stodgy, stale, dull, or controlling. Oh, those options are available, all right. But the spirit of the new also infuses this cardinal earth sign, despite its wintry trappings in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Some people have also pointed out that perhaps I’m a bit blinkered. That I only see and hear when people and astrologers say bad things about Capricorn, because it’s a pet peeve and I enjoy stroking and stoking it. That’s probably true.

But when I keep seeing the words ‘sociopath’ and ‘Capricorn’ connected in search terms, it confirms that I’m not the only one who is a bit blinkered and only sees the bad.

“Capricorns are the survivors. They endure. Tenacious and ever prepared, Capricorns are the ones still standing when the action is over—sometimes triumphant, sometimes not, but matured by the experience of having seen it through.”

I’ve come to see the negative press Capricorn gets as an inherent part of the signs’ path. It’s just another mountain to climb to build those stamina and determination muscles. To survive and thrive.

“The deeper purpose that animates Capricorn is to align intention with resolve, to be what you seem to be, to close the gap between what you wish you could be and what you are.”

Capricorns have a nose for what is authentic and seek to be authentic.

And yes, there are shitty Capricorns…

There are also great Capricorns…

There are all sorts of other types of Capricorns as there are humans in this world.

I really like the style of this astrologer and she has loads more on other signs, but it’s a new blog so please be patient, she’ll catch up to your astrology needs given time (Saturn works at it’s own steady pace).

And if you’re wondering why it’s called Genius Astrology

“In my view, it’s not about being a genius, but about having a genius.  Which you do.  Who you are, who you were, who you will be…astrology provides an effective tool for finding your genius, which defines the irresistible you that you are.”


*all quotes ©Amy – Genius Astrology


  1. Hi Ursula, Thanks for the feature on my post! I completely agree with your insight about Capricorn’s negative press as part of the path — yes, one more thing to endure, the misunderstanding of the masses. That which does not kill Capricorn only makes her stronger! From my perspective, there are not only inherent strengths to each of the signs, but also an underlying reason why you might *need* that sign in your life. And that makes everything all about how you use it. Capricorns of all kinds are the masters at wise and efficient use of their power!

    Yes, my site is only a few months old, but I’ve got a lot in the pipeline. I’m working my way around the zodiac with some additional stops along the way, and I’m so glad to have you along for the read!


    • Thank you.

      Ah yes, the escapegoat 😉

      That’s very true about understanding the reason why we have a certain sign whose energy plays out in our lives, and figuring out the best way to use it without abusing it, which can get quite tricky when you bring aspects into it, but a great puzzle to solve with lots to be learned in the process of trying to solve it.

      I love what you’ve done so far and I love your energy, it zings in your posts. Very insightful too, I’m always looking for new ways to look at things to gain a different perspective, so I look forward to reading more 😀


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