The Cigarette Break – Day Three – You Have Some Explaining To Do…


The weather today is… glorious! Sunny, crisp, and full of promise. Promise of what? I don’t know, it’s a saying and I used it. It seemed appropriate. I don’t always filter what I say, I just say it. I’m in a good mood, feeling good because yesterday I rained and now I feel refreshed.

After I posted my Cigarette Break installment yesterday… I posted a rant. It had been brewing, it reached expression point and out it came. I express live and raw me on my blog as part of my self-therapy through my posts.

Perhaps I should explain…


…but I’m not going to do that.

There’s a quote, if I can find it… it’s one I love and often can’t find, but I know it by heart, just not who wrote it or exactly what it says… and when I share such things I like to give credit if I know where to give that credit.

Oh, eff it!

The gist of it is… just be yourself and don’t fall into the trap of explaining yourself or you’ll waste your life away trying to explain something which can only be experienced.

And frankly, those who need you to explain yourself, won’t ever understand you. They might want to, they might try, but it just may be too foreign and alien to them.




No, it’s not THAT quote…




Or THAT one… I could argue with that one at lest from the perspective of how I affect those who experience me being a ‘free soul’, but I like it.


Batshit crazy point


Or THAT… it’s a more obscure one which is why it’s hard to find… again!

Never mind…

Have you ever tried to explain what chicken tastes like to you? I mean everything apparently tastes of chicken, but what does chicken taste like? Do we all agree on the taste of it? Is my version of how chicken tastes the same as yours?

I’m one of those people who tastes like chicken. If you’re vegetarian or pescetarian… well, I’m not your kind of food. If you’re a carnivore, well, I’m not steak but I am raw. If you only eat chicken breast because you don’t like the other parts of the chicken, sorry, I’m not carving off breast for you and throwing away the wings and legs. You’re not the only mouth to feed and you’re not better than anyone else, you’re equal… you get an equal share.

My favourite part of the chicken? The underside. If you’ve never tried the underside… that’s the bit which soaks up all the juices. Breast is often dry when overcooked, and you can choke on it.

Head, neck, feet and innards make for delicious gravy, takes time to do and a willingness to get your hands dirty and salmonella-ish. Cats love those bits… for different reasons.

Feathers… I’ve plucked a recently dead chicken. That face you just made… I’ve seen something similar on the faces of those who realise I’m not the sort of person who is polite and politically correct and sensitive enough for their ears and ego and stuff.


happy I missed

I’m really hungry now… maybe I was hungry when I started to write this… That would explain it!

Oh, and… if you are an anti-carnivore activist, feel free to express your views in the comments, but please be aware that I am a conscious and as conscientious as is humanly (carnivorianly) possibly carnivore. I respect your choice to not eat meat. I have tried your way, it made me very ill. My metabolism needs meat. I am grateful and respectful of those who died to feed me, including the vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Plants are living beings too. I try to not waste and to eat with awareness and gratitude that I can eat.

I am also aware of the knock on effect and the global economic house of cards. There are those whose lives depend on industries which might offend those who don’t depend on those industries for their livelihood.

First world problems versus the rest of the problems in the world.

And, as far as I know, you’re human like me, so… messy, no?


Attitude warning


This is my final Cigarette Break of the series… my internet connection is very disconnected at weekends and so I am.

Have a lovely weekend!

Please share your views and your stories and links in the comments. Thank you.


  1. Love it…”I’m one of those people who tastes like chicken.”

    My 4 yr-old and I were on the way home today, and he said he was going to eat a “people cracker”.. I asked him what he thought people taste like. His response, “I need to think. I can’t think when you’re talking, so please be quiet so I can think”. (An INFJ in the making?)


  2. Love it…I also tried to be vegetarian but am so happy now to relish in my love of meat. I think its true that the tastiest parts are often the messiest. Just love tucking into all the juices and bits of stuff at the bottom of a roast chicken pan……Also I so agree find it so draining to be around people who ask you to explain feelings…or try to make you wrong for having them. I just don’t think feelings and emotions are to be argued with or about…the things is to feel them.. not to intellectualise about them……another great post 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂

      I agree, emotions and feelings need to be felt and not intellectualised, however there does need to be a conscious awareness that your inner world interacts with the outer world and the outer world may behave as a parent to a child where emotions and feelings expressed openly are concerned. It’s very strange when you’re an adult to be treated by a peer as though you’re a child and they are your parent demanding an explanation of you for your own emotions because your emotions triggered discomfort for them. It’s the – Why are you sad? You’re making me feel bad with your sad, you’d better have an explanation for your sadness, and it needs to be one I’ll accept and which makes me feel better.

      It’s when our emotions overlap with the emotions of other people, and while we’re owning our emotions, they might think they own them too and that we’re responsible for theirs.

      Most of the time when people see someone behaving in a way they have behaved themselves, there is understanding and no need to explain. If however the person witnessing the behaviour has no reference point for it, they might want an explanation because they’re curious or worried because it’s alien to them.. Then there are those whose own emotions get triggered when someone else has an emotion around them, they’re happy if you’re happy, sad if you’re sad. And then there are those with NPD.


      • So wise and true… I totally understand that parent to child dynamic you are talking about.. it happens to me A LOT, too…….where does empathy begin and end. when someone is sad or goes through hardship I really feel it and I can start to cry too, but then I pass through it and out the other side.. it might be that it triggered some of my own pain, but there is the level where we partake of collective emotions that all humans suffer and that connects us. For sure not everyone will understand the way we behave. We can’t expect that, I guess. Its just such a blessing when we find such people who do 🙂


        • You’re very aware of yourself, that is a key which unlocks many doors of perception. Not everyone in life is for us, and vice versa, and when we those who are, it gives us good company on our journey through life 😀


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