Busy, Busy, Busy Bee…


Busy Bee by SchwarzWieEbenholZ

What is that bee doing in that photo? Looks like there’s a stash of something yummy in that crevice. Love that shot!

I was going to use one of my own bee photos for this post but I don’t have time to go through my archives – doesn’t help that my filing method is a chaotic one. I started off really tidy… no I tidied up my original mess, then fell back into my old ways due to being too busy to keep the tidy system up, and now I can’t face tidying that half-tidy half-mess up. I’d delete all my photos and start again from scratch if that wasn’t such a dumb idea.

Busy busy busy…




I’m exhausted just saying those words.

Just before the weekend I got a whole load of work to do on the ongoing saga of my life which started at the beginning of 2013 and just refuses to get sorted out quickly. I can huff and puff as much as I like and turn blue – like that beautiful blue in the photo – in the face, but it doesn’t solve anything, just makes me breathless and dizzy.

Then at the weekend I received one piece of news after another which bouleverser’d my life. Sorry for using bad French (bad as in I didn’t conjugate it), but that word expresses how I felt perfectly. I could have just said that an upturned soul has once again done a topsy-turvy revolution. One of the news items is the kind which takes that comfort zone I’d only just finally relaxed in and turns it into a discomfort zone. I have to move. Physical location move. Ugh! I’d only just got used to this place and how things work and don’t work! This is the first Winter in this house where I’m not at risk of frostbite.

How many times have I told myself not to relax ever!!! If life thinks you’re looking a little too relaxed, it means you’re not busy and therefore have time to do something.

Busy Tuna


But at some point you just do relax, either natural relaxation or your on guard muscles give out and force you to relax… and then you have to move. This is a pattern in my life. I’ve moved around a lot, lived here, there, not there or there, but sort of not quite everywhere – big gaps in the everywhere. I’m used to moving and I never get used to it. I love it and hate it. Hate packing so much when I dream about it I wake up screaming, drenched in sticky sweat and frustrated.

Did I say – bring it on – to the universe lately? I must have done. I’m actually more relaxed than I would have been a few months ago, this was always a possibility considering everything else, I just wish this had happened later, as in sometime towrds the end of this year rather than at the start. But… things are copacetic. Self-hypnosis – On!

It’s funny.

I don’t usually tell people I’m busy. It’s one of those things that’s not necessary to say.




When people tell me they’re busy… I tend to step back and stare at them as though they’re crazy to say it.

Everyone is busy, busy, busy, it’s kind of hard to miss, so it’s stating the bleeding obvious to say it.

It’s just I think some people are under the impression they’re either the only busy person in the world and the rest of us are lying on the grass making shapes out of clouds, or their kind of busy is superior and special to everyone else’s.

So when they say they are busy, it’s – I’m VIP busy… fnar fnar… you’re on the wrong side of the velvet cordon of busy, thus you’re the hoi polloi of busy, thus your busy is not of value, not real, not my kind of busy. My busy is of the holier than though kind!


glorification of busy


Or maybe they need new people observing glasses.

Or maybe I just hear everything people say to me as though I’m in a Monty Python sketch. There are comical sound effects…


What was this post about? I get this strange feeling… that while I’m busy doing this something else is busy not being busily done. Or maybe I already did it… I can’t recall.



Hahaha! Love that quote above… yup! If only…



  1. I wish I wasn’t so busy not being busy at the things I need to do. Translated – the kids are home from school and I have a shitload of things I can’t do. 😛

    Sorry you have to move. That sucks.


    • dear ursula, I really hope there will be a gift in the curse:) maybe this is to lead you to a marvellous place where you’ll be able to settle down peacefully!


      • I’m looking forward to it, and it was always going to happen, just timing… later would have been better, at least with my blinkers on, knowing life the timing is perfect 😉

        I’m thinking this will not be a permanent home, just another adventure along the way 😀

        Thank you for the kind wishes ♥


    • The move is exciting, just a timing thing. I do not do the whole multi-tasking efficiently. So if all the busy is focused on one thing I hardly notice being busy, but when I have to split the busy into separate things then I notice and go Argh!

      Some of the busy which is making me go argh came out of getting annoyed at someone I know is busy, but they’re also being paid to be busy on my behalf, and had they listened to something I pointed out ages ago very succinctly, repeatedly because I knew they were busy not listening due to being too busy to listen, even though they’re paid to listen… well… argh! The problem is dragging due to busy-ness. Lots of busy but very little getting done.

      Your busy sounds like very productive busy, book busy! Best wishes, sounds great!


      • Ugh, I wish. I haven’t had a decent day’s work on my book in about a week, and that’s not likely to change soon. No, today was snow shoveling and playing games with an otherwise bored kid. What I’m supposed to be doing is getting my finances straight so I can pay the bills. It’s very frustrating.

        Sounds like things are pretty complicated where you are. Best of luck!


    • HA! You spotted one of my shenanigans 😀

      You have very sharp eyes, I wonder if I could get away with anything around you… that’s quite a tempting challenge 😉 although looking at your astro, you are probably too tooo toooooo quick for me and would spot a shenanigan before I did it which would make the challenge irresistible. Merc/Uranus connections make for an inventive mind, and since we both have it… the fun factor is delish!


      • LOL – I’m not consistently being sharp, and of course as soon as I feel that I *should* be looking out for something . . . is when I start missing everything. I have to be in a state of relaxed, “I don’t have to be like this right now” . . . *then* I’m sharp. I’m really starting to understand this being contrary thing, meaning *being* it instead of watching it unfold in my son. It starts feeling like the infinite mirror effect. {goes cross-eyed}

        I adore seeing little easter egg things like your shenanigans. The kind of things that were done, but no attention was brought to it, but the laugh that comes out of you when you do catch it. It kind of makes everyday, boring things a little more fun. 😀


        • My ‘tag’ shenanigans only happen when I’m in a certain type of mood 😉

          I like to play with life, after all it plays with me, so might as well join in or the fun doesn’t feel like fun.

          I’m a monkey (Chinese astro)… monkey is exactly what I am and I fall from trees on a regular basis!

          I have this thing where I notice things only on replay, and then I’m like DUH! But sometimes I notice things before they happen… not psychic, just logic applied. Certain things follow a very defined pattern. The important thing is to notice whatever you notice and then follow the inspiration it creates whatever that is and wherever it leads.

          I was going to say something about your relationship with your son, but I’m always hesitant about saying things to parents. I really love how you interact with him and when I read your relationship post… well, what you’d said about your how you and your son work together… I thought, now that is a beautiful relationship, right there!


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