Life sends us Tests, Challenges and Temptations… for our Ego…


False Ending by WiseGirlAthena

But there is more to us than our ego.

Sure our ego has a place within our lives, sometimes it pretends it is all of us and everything… but it’s not everything.

Be aware of certain things…

1 – If you tell someone a ‘secret’ be sure it’s one you don’t mind being shared, because that person you share it with, who crosses their heart and hopes to die… they’re the second person – you being the first – who probably can’t keep a secret, who feels the need to share it… for whatever reason.

2 – If someone thinks you’re stupid… and most people do because their ego tells them that they are clever… they’ll underestimate you and do something which will reveal to you who they really are under the veneer they’ve worked so hard on to make it seem real that somehow they are good.

Good people do bad things in the name of good.

Bad people sometimes do good things… because they don’t give a shit as everyone thinks they’re bad, especially those judgmental good people.

Before you decide if someone is good or bad… most people are good and bad… take a look at yourself… really look at your real self underneath the public persona.

3 – If someone does something which hurts you… ask yourself why and seek to understand and see the real why of it. If you get caught up in your pain, you won’t be able to see their pain, the one which lashed out and hurt you. Your pain will cause more pain, and so on.

When people are in pain, they lash out. They justify it when they can prove they’re lashing out because someone hurt them first. So it ends up being no one’s responsibility because somewhere along the way a magic formula is found to excuse everyone else’s behaviour…

Ground zero – someone was born evil. They caused pain. All the subsequent pain caused is all their fault, and everyone else was just reacting and is innocent. That particular ground zero is a concoction of ego.

Just some thoughts, shared spontaneously… inspired by observing someone ‘good’ do something which they would consider ‘bad’ if the ‘bad’ guy (or anyone else) in their life had done it… but since they’re the one doing the ‘bad’ thing… it’s okay and ‘good’.

Be aware… of yourself… and others.

Oh… and always pay attention to the questions people don’t ask. They’ve practiced asking the ones they ask, and prompting you to give them the answers they want to hear. Listen to what they don’t ask and say… their silence speaks volumes. Listen.

When all else fails… be prepared to self-destruct… and phoenix yourself!

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