Square Peg… Round Hole… Hammer…

Everything we see in life reflects something about us back at us… but we don’t always notice it.

When we do notice it… sometimes it gives us an insight.

Sometimes the same thing when looked upon at different times in our lives… reflects something different.

Same thing… different us.

Different us… different same thing.

Which version is the real one?


Which version of us is the real one?


Maybe they’re all real…

Here’s one of those same things looked at from a new perspective due to a different time, and a different me, which gave me an insight:

Levis Advert – Square Peg via BigBangTheoryPL



  1. Synchronicities…

    I thought about you right as I sat down to my laptop, and yours was the first post in my reader.

    And your post reminded me that in many elements of my life, I often try to force people, things, and situations into my life, and I hammer them in, hoping to make them fit.

    Now that I think about it, maybe I’m the octagon…the one that people see, but often pass over because they’re busy going after the square. But that’s okay, I’m like being an octagon.


    • ๐Ÿ˜€

      The first time I saw that advert, which was a long while ago, I thought it was the funniest ad I’d seen in a long time. It stuck with me, and every now and then I remember it, only each time I do I have a different perspective on it. Some things stay with us and change with us.

      I don’t think I actually ever had one of those toys/learning thingies as a child. Can’t remember. But they’re very clever in more ways than is initially apparent.

      I think we all do that a bit, try to hammer home a point, get something to fit where it doesn’t. I think it’s a human thing, part of life. Sometimes we try to make ourselves fit into a shape which isn’t our natural shape. Society definitely tries to make us fit, and when we don’t… hammer time – I can’t believe I said that and now the curse of the song stuck in head is upon me ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Octagons are very beautiful, they are complex, and need to be studied to be appreciated like a piece of art ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Isnt life amazing, before I logged on here I was having a conversation about this EXACT SAME THING with one of my best friends. There is a lovely meditation in one of my recovery books about how when we are co-dependent we struggle to become what others want us to be. I wish I could find it….
    Missy Higgins also writes about it in her song “Scar” :

    He left a card, a bar of soap and a scrubbing brush next to a note
    that said “use these down to your bones” and before I knew
    I had shiny skin and it felt easy being clean like him
    I thought “this one knows better than I do”

    A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle
    He tried to cut me so I’d fit

    And doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t that hit too close to home?
    Doesn’t that make you shiver? The way things could have gone?
    And doesn’t it feel peculiar when everyone wants a little more?
    And so that I do remember to never go that far
    Could you leave me with a scar?

    So the next one came with a bag of hearts, she smelled
    like sugar and spice and spoke like the sea and she told me
    Don’t trust them, trust me then she pulled at my stiches one by one
    Looked at my insides, clicking her tongue, and said
    “this will all have to come undone”
    A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle
    She tried to blunt me so i’d fit.

    How many times I’ve done that to myself…. but we do need to honour our own special shape….and recognise when the hammering isn’t working.. cause there is something we need to accept and let go of and allow to be, in the unique shape that represents its essence.


    • The Police song – Synchronicity – always pops into my head on these occasions.

      You caught my drift, although I was thinking about it in reverse – how often we cause ourselves pain because we want someone else to fit into a shape into which they don’t fit and then we hurt ourselves and the other person because of our view that somehow everything has to fit or it’s not right.

      You shared a great insight, thank you ๐Ÿ˜€


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