MindBLOWN: A Single Rake To The Beach, Andres Amador’s ArtScape

This a wonderful blog overflowing with magnificent photographs and more….
This post is superb, the artist is expressing is particular kind of genius… something we are all born with, so when you look at something like this, let it inspire your inner genius too.
I love this artist’s work most of all because he creates and then lets go of his creation, leaving space for more creativity to flow.


  1. As though he could tattoo earth through his eyes, a drawing of the mind materialized in sand, wind and water, kind and gentle, assuming the form of nature.It’s very poetic, and by chance this greek word comes from the word “poieo”, to make, so poetry is ultimately to create a world, whose immaterial essence lies into form. I love also Andy Goldsworthy’s work, where the process of creation goes beyond, in a very zen way, its result.It’s like to admit to ourselves we are in what we do and not in what we leave as an accomplished matter.


    • I love how he doesn’t mind nature claiming his work and washing it away, because then he has a new blank canvas to create something new, and I love how he chooses the beach as his canvas because he loves the beach, it is creativity in all its forms, feeding all the senses and parts of a being. Very inspiring 😀


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