I Am NOT a Morning Person

This is a post which I can relate to in oh so many ways… do not wake me up until I am ready to do so unless you want to get bitten by a feral human. Human bites are more infectious than animal bites, especially feral human bites. Just saying… I haven’t actually bitten anyone – sort of lying about that but I was a small child then and they were an annoying adult who couldn’t take a hint – but I have fantasised about it and wanted to follow through on the fantasy. But, you know, we’re all in this crazy thing called life on Earth together… yadda yadda.
If you’re a night owl, say ‘Hoooo’ or something and check out this lovely blogger and explore the archives, there be treasures.

In the Net! - Stories of Life and Narcissistic Survival

Why is it that the morning people dominate the world??? Discriminatory, I say! My rights are being trampled on!!

Night owls of the world arise! You have nothing to lose but your sack time, and that’s already happening! We need respect! We need understanding! We need coffee!

I hate mornings.

I really hate mornings when you’re with someone who’s all perky and bright and chirpy.

They sing at you: La da ti da dahh di da doe mi so la fa dahhh …

That’s what it sounds like to me. Then, because you don’t respond because you can’t understand them, they sing at you again, more loudly this time. It’s like having a gong go off in your head.

And because you aren’t like them, they can get all huffy and defensive and even start viewing you as a lesser species.

A word of advice: it ain’t about you, morning…

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2 thoughts on “I Am NOT a Morning Person

    1. Why would anyone go to bed so early, owls often ask, and at the best time too when all noisy minds are hushed and you can hear the whispers of the soul of night touching Earth 🙂


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