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by Meenasapra via ToonDoo

I tend to take what experts say with a pinch of skepticism. I didn’t always. I used to buy into the illusion that they know what they are talking about and that’s that. Take them at face value and perhaps they do know everything there is to know about their chosen field of expertise. But most experts, if you examine them closely, are hiding many things behind the mask of expertise.


I was delving into personality disorders the other day. I followed a train of thought and that’s where I ended up.

I am a tangential thinker, one thing leads to another, which leads to another, etc… and often the starting point has absolutely nothing to do with the end point, although surprisingly I often come back around in a full circle. I enjoy thinking this way, I see as very liberating, and it leads to many interesting discoveries. It is how I surf the net. Apparently this kind of thinking is a medical symptom of a thought disorder. I found that out by following a tangent.

Seriously, is there anything that isn’t a disorder!?!

know it alls

It all started with someone asking me my Myers-Briggs type. Every now and then someone asks that, and I remember that system of personality classification exists. I know my type, but I forget the details and description of the type. My mind tends to run a program which deletes old information at regular intervals to free up space for new information. If something isn’t being used, it gets deleted. That’s probably a disorder too. Or just a virus I was infected with through digital contact with my computer.

As I was reading up on the Myers-Briggs personality types, cross-referencing information from several different sites – I always check multiple sources if I have the time as I never take just one person’s opinion as golden no matter how much of an expert they claim to be.

shark bait

When reading someone’s take on a personality type, zodiac sign, disorder or anything else for that matter, it is important to know where the expert is coming from. What personality type are they. What is their sign of the zodiac. What’s their disorder. What are their preferences and what are their dislikes. What motivates them. It colours how they see the world. They see everything and everyone through the filter of themselves. And as much as people like to pretend to be impartial, without bias, especially where research is concerned, it is very hard to get away from ourselves.


The Prideful Hypocrite by xPandaPopx

Have you noticed how many people are eager to tell you who you are, what is wrong with you and what you need to change and make better… yet very reticent to share who they are, who they really are as opposed to who they tell you they are and you just have to accept it without thinking for yourself and forming your own view. What are they so afraid of?


Sorry, I went off on a tangent. I managed to rein it in before it went off on a wild goose chase.

Anyway, I came across one site which coupled personality disorders with Myers-Briggs types.

INTP disorder

INTP via Deep Spirits

Which I found mildly amusing and mildly annoying. I have a bit of a pet peeve about labels, classifications, stereotypes, and any form of judgmental pigeonholing. I have my reasons. They are personal. Very personal. So I realise that my urge to rant against these things is emotional, and not logical, yet there is some logic to it.

I decided to ignore my mild annoyance…

I do not think I’m brilliant or that I have genius which needs bowing to at all! I just want to think for myself and make up my own mind, and not buy into someone else’s view that they are brilliant and I need to bow down to their genius… something which requires that I become gullible and stupid.

I tend to do to others what I like having done to me. If I make a statement, question it, argue with me debate style, it’s not about winning, winning ends the argument and everyone incurs a loss… of further exploration and possible discovery. We’re all equals with different abilities, let’s share and prosper together.

…and went with the mild amusement, which was really curiosity in one of its guises. The personality disorder which was coupled with my type made me chuckle – Schizoid – because it is the disorder which suits me best, even though it is far from exact. I do have a degree of Paranoid personality disorder, it’s part of the same Cluster – A (odd or eccentric disorders), as Schizoid.


I am not going to list the traits and analyse them. It did strike me though that these supposed disorders were very orderly. Neatly summed up, clustered, categorised, and listed. What a neat world the people who compiled them live in. And frankly most of the traits of the various disorders describe the behaviour of people I know and people I don’t know. Highly valued members of society fall under those disorders too.

So is there anyone who doesn’t have a personality disorder?

Disorder-less personality disorder. Perhaps they are the ones with the real problem. Life is a mess, how else are we supposed to deal with it, to survive it, than to adapt by twisting and bending whichever way is needed to stay alive, and stay sane, even if our version of sanity is someone else’s version of insanity.

Bizarro comics -psychic

Dan Piraro – Bizarro comics

Who we are is who we are. It changes, evolves, is transformed by experiences, by time, by life, by ourselves willing it to do so. Ordered, disordered, able, disabled, sane, insane, normal, weird, whatever. Labels, lists, categories, clubs, tribes, and such can be useful, they can help us to understand ourselves and others, but they can also imprison us, restrict and cause misunderstandings of ourselves and others. That too serves a purpose.

Investigate everything, ask questions, explore, stay open, and enjoy this crazy wild being called you.

So is there anything you want to add or subtract?


  1. When we talk about a personal disorder, we need to mind, that this is only seen out of, what is normal, how the crowd act mostly.
    I think, we all have something in disorder, and then we can work our way from that and create our own evolution.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Very true! I think that some disorders are viewed from a skewed perspective, from that other disorder known as perfectionism which tends to view flaws as flaws and not as beauty in its natural state. Just observing nature, such as gemstones which have cracks and flaws that add depth and beauty to them, that gems are often the cause of nature turning an irritation into something beautiful – pearls for instance – we see the wonderful order within disorder and perhaps see beyond it into the mystery of life.

      How long have humans been trying to figure out the meaning of life… have we found an answer yet?

      Thank you for sharing… your words inspire me 🙂


  2. Your tangents are just fine. Keep up the great posts.

    It is important to check sources, however, especially when it comes to information on the internet. I wrote a post not too long ago in regard to a cancer fact and prevention blog. It’s an entertaining quick read, but I got so much slack for calling my a peer out on posting this nonsense. “Johns Hopkins” University/Hospital supposedly released this information, but there was no link to prove the information was legitimate.

    There are some things you really have to take into account, and it’s pitiful sometimes that others will falsify information that can essentially harm a person, mentally and physically..


    • Thank you for sharing the link! Wow, a powerful post… more so because you approached it by laying yourself bare and that is very brave and inspiring because it shows how multi-layered every interaction and situation is.

      Calling someone out is always a risk… but do we stay silent to protect ourselves, does that not make us complicit in something with which we don’t agree? Very hard to know, sometimes you just have to take a leap of self-expression and see what happens. Those who want to know, who are open to questioning and thinking for themselves, will see it for what it is, those who prefer not to know will mimic the three monkeys.

      Falsifying information is a very human trait, it is often done for the ‘greater good’, and it is also often done because we believe our own falsified information – ‘facts’ being twisted to suit our version of reality which may not suit everyone else’s version of reality. I was reading an article – I think it was in Wired – which touched upon what motivates humans and asked is it better if we don’t know what motivates us, do we do more good when we’re being selfish rather than when we think we’re being selfless and altruistic.

      So, who invented humans? We’re such a mess 😉 does someone own the patent?

      Seriously though, thank you very much and never let anyone bully you into silence!


  3. I kind of had to giggle that they paired INTJ with schizotypal or at least their desription of schizotypal PD. In my mind this, “odd beliefs or magical thinking that influences behavior and is inconsistent with subcultural norms (e.g., superstitiousness, belief in clairvoyance, telepathy, or “sixth sense”; in children and adolescents, bizarre fantasies or preoccupations)” precludes rationality. I do agree that many of the things dealing with mental health issues have to be taken with a grain of salt.


    • One person’s disorder is someone else’s order… I know someone who to me is OCD and stresses me out because I have to cater to their precise needs which for me is stressful as I’m very vague especially about time. But for them it’s another reality entirely, they find solace in lists and time-keeping and insisting everyone be precise and live by the ticking of a clock. My vagueness stresses them out.

      Sigh… humans and being human… hard work but sometimes very beautiful 😀

      You’re an INTJ? Just a letter away from me then… those personality types are interesting, but what personality type created them? That’s always a question I ask, and find the answer is often missing. I mean, who decided which disorder went with which type and what type and disorder were they? Did they pick the ‘best’ disorder for their own type and the ‘worst’ one for their least favourite type based on personal bias? 😉


      • Those are all interesting questions. It seems to me they picked it based on stereotypes from TV to match the personality types with the PD or maybe they just picked them out of a hat. To me PD seem to be more about how people relate to others and interact in social environments, therefore any PD can by paired with any personality type.


        • Picking things out of a hat… I think that’s how we humans make many of our decisions… or throwing dice. Sometimes it solves a problem, sometimes it creates one, sometimes it creates an new one by solving an old one 😉

          I agree, I think many disorders are based on someone with a degree, some influential power, and a lot of subconscious issues, thinking – I don’t like that so it must be wrong… it’s now a disorder! How very orderly of them, placing everyone neatly into pigeonholes.


  4. Its kinda funny how many personality disorders you can read and identify in yourself :)..I love staring off into the distance and placing my thoughts elsewhere and that apparently could show that I have schizoid tendencies. A doctor once wanted to send me to see a psychiatrist because my speech was very rapid after I had been undergoing an extremely stressful experience in my life. Did you know that I heard somewhere that grief is soon going to be listed in the new DSM as a disorder?? I find that pretty worrying. And then when a label is found for the way someone is annoying someone else and engaging behaviours they don’t like or understand, I wonder isn’t that at times a way of summing someone up to put them in a box and not look deeper at the complexity of who they really are, what happened to them and how they got that way?

    The map is not the territory, or so the saying goes. The diagnostic label is not the person, either, to my mind. I was told by a therapist who I really find not into labels and very willing to listen with understanding and respect instead of leapt to interpret that bi-polar is now a blanket diagnosis. (Watch the video on U-Tube.. Making a Killing: The Psychotropic Drug Industry as the following points are dealt with there. The label helps the so called expert to identify the drug the “patient” or “client” can be placed on to control what is seen as a disorder (bi-polar is one of the most popular to day). The experts who diagnose went to medical schools funded by the pharmaceutical companies. I know this is just one aspect of what you are saying here. But like you, I have a problem with it. I really really do. I also have a big problem with so called “experts” and often feel tempted to run a mile when I come across them, perhaps a sign of my avoidant personality???

    There ain’t no cure for life, it isn’t a disease. We can and do go “crazy” and that craziness is so essential to what it means to be a human, can lead us into some powerful experiences and shake up our lives in ways that can lead us down some very interesting pathways and as we go we morp along the way,

    Great post.


    • The strangest thing is that we often admire those who embrace their ‘disorders’ and express them creatively, such as artists and writers who vividly encapsulate the torment of being human and all the complexities involved. So many of those we hold in highest esteem as geniuses and pioneers of our time and of history were completely ‘insane’ according to the ‘sane’.

      And those who become giants among us… well you have to be a bit of a psycho to want to stand out and make yourself a target.

      I dare anyone to name a leader or artist or entrepreneur or genius or whoever they admire and prove that their icon was/is not suffering from a disorder of some sort. You have to be insane to live on Earth AND prosper because there is just too much which is illogical about life on Earth as we know it.

      I mean… the world used to be flat and you’d be insane to sail off into the horizon in such conditions! And what our ancestors thought was ‘crazy’ we now consider to be ‘normal’ and ‘sane’. And what we now consider to be ‘insane’…. future generations may consider ‘normal and ‘sane’. Humans!!!

      Oh yes… Big Pharma and its profit margins. Humans being human again and making it sound like pots of gold at the end of rainbows, ‘magic’ formulas as a cure-all… but conditions apply, as do side effects.

      What about personal accountability and responsibility? Wait… let’s see… no… let’s not because our world is a house of cards and someone forgot to use superglue.

      I find conspiracy theories intriguing, not so much the theory itself, because corruption and dodgy motivations are very human, but the person who embraces it. Especially when they think there are humans who are so clever that their cleverness is flawless. Really!?! Flawlessness in a human!?!

      You’re right… and why are you right? Because you’ve lived it and seen it and know it and refuse to turn a blind eye to it… and that is enough to realise that it might drive you crazy but you’re not the only one who is, and perhaps you’re more sane because you’re looking at it with eyes willing to see.

      We’re all in ‘this’ together, but what is ‘this’?


    • A healthy dose of Narcissism… is healthy! That’s something those with NPD teach us if we’re willing to learn. Too much of anything… indigestion of the mind, heart, and/or stomach!

      We should all think, feel and know we’re great because we are as we each have something unique and individual about us which we can share or keep to ourselves, however the wind blows… and see that same thing in others – only how they express it uniquely and individually.

      Those who want to be the only great ones on Earth and see everyone else as less than them… I think maybe they need to go for a ride on a spaceship.

      We’re all messy, but messy is naturally beautiful 🙂 (that’s my take on it)


  5. “Have you noticed how many people are eager to tell you who you are, what is wrong with you and what you need to change and make better… yet very reticent to share who they are, who they really are as opposed to who they tell you they are and you just have to accept it without thinking for yourself and forming your own view. What are they so afraid of?”
    Yess – I have!
    And I don’t know what are they afraid of, if it is not a thin leyer of…there is no one exact word… mixture of arrogance, false selfassurance and hypocrisy in one.
    You blog is new to me /recommended to me by Don Charisma/ and I am already your fan: you indeed are a thinker who does’nt satisfy with acknowledged formula, a nd the proof to that is the way you show us how you came to a certain conclusion….
    Sorry for my bad Englesh, that is why it took me so long to (try to 🙂 ) explain…
    Glad to have met you,


    • Thank you 😀

      Being human is very complicated, especially when we interact with other humans… there is so much going on in relationships, and sometimes it feels like a fight between who we are and who they are, and no one can win because it’s the sort of fight which has no winner and no loser. A paradox.

      You’re right, I do like to show the evolution and path of my thinking, I also like to have new ways opened when others share their evolution and path of thinking because I realise my thinking is limited and I prefer it to be less limited. As open as possible to new perspectives… while still aware that I’m human and prone to being biased 😀

      I am pleased to meet you too… thank you for sharing!


    • I think it’s very Nep in Scorpio with a tablespoon of Pluto/Uranus in the 1st 😉

      I used to have an obsession for sharks and I can still remember the Latin names for a lot of the species which is of no use whatsoever but fun to know.


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