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I am finding it impossible to concentrate today, which reminded me of this old post…
It’s strange to re-read old posts and see what I was thinking or feeling once upon a time not so long ago…
Does present me agree with past me?
Was my truth then still my truth now?
Do I think I was talking BS then… and what about now?
Have I changed my mind, perspective, myself?
Has there been a shift?
Did I figure out whatever problem I was trying to elucidate for myself?
Have I moved on or am I still stuck in a rut, a knot, a conundrum?
I know myself so well… and yet there is always a new facet or way to view myself to discover, which blogging can reveal both in the present and in reviewing the past.
Anyway… enjoy my nonsense!
Have a lovely Sunday!

An Upturned Soul

Is there anyone in this world more mysterious than Anonymous. Famous and infamous, ageless, timeless, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, offering wisdom, advice, encouraging words, although not always, occasionally going out of their way to brazenly insult, perhaps as a challenge to see what kind of a person we are, perhaps as a way to toughen us up, to balance our sense of ourselves, of other people, to let us know that not everyone will be kind, so we must strengthen the muscles we use to deal with adversity.

Although, so far, all the things Anonymous has had to say to me have all been very polite, kind, and thoughtfully thought-provoking.

Anonymous is a very curious soul, and loves to ask questions.

So, Anonymous asked me: If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you would take with you?

Now, I could just give a straightforward answer…

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2 thoughts on “Anonymous Asked You

  1. WOW, do they happen for a reason. I reblogged myself, earlier tonight before plunging into introspective mode, landing on this midst my Chiron in 7th quest… I think first, as I noticed people have appreciated (yay) the therapist/teacher (essentially) and patent/child role reversal are incredibly articulated correctly in your blog. Musically, the last couple songs I made within the days ago deal with this also – My blog is (I would imagine with my site address let alone title you get where I’m going with this understanding reference. The playful yet serious as fuh distance of our sites title resonate. )



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