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owlby Yair-Leibovich
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Some days I really have nothing to say. Incomplete thoughts float around in my head like leaves on a stream.If I could focus on one, then perhaps it would take shape and form into a conversation. All the thoughts seem like they would lead somewhere interesting, maybe reveal an inner secret, solve a puzzle, gift me with an idea. Maybe they would lead nowhere at all. I’d really like to follow them all just to find out why they are in my head. But I’m too distracted to choose one.

Some days are just not meant to be thinking days, or talking days, or even doing days, they’re just floating around days.


observe and reflect

Things did get done today, and said, and I suppose there was some thought behind them, but I was walking in a dream. An ordinary daydream. It was rather nice. I like these sort of days. They are simply living, or living simply, days. Strangely peaceful, calm, quiet.

Yesterday was a very weird day. The cherry on top was the owl which flew down the chimney, and tried to break into my home just as I was about to go to bed. There is a screen covering the fireplace, which it attempted to push away. When I went to remove the screen to let it in, so I could catch it and return it outside, it flew back up the chimney. Up, out, and away.

I have no idea why that happened. The local owls often sit at the top of the chimney hooting. Their voices traveling down the hollow, echoing like the murmurings of ghosts. But they’ve never been curious enough to drop in for a visit.


patricia mckillip

When something surprising or unusual happens, I always suspect that it has more meaning than just the surface appearance of a random event. I often find a deeper reason for it, a message, sign, or an answer. Whether it is really anything more than what it is does not really matter, it becomes whatever my imagination wants it to be. It makes life very entertaining. It can also be very useful for making decisions. Sometimes it serves as a conduit for my own intuitive knowledge, which has been stifled by too much thinking or emotional issues, and it sees an opportunity in the silence created by shock and surprise to get an important piece of information through to me.


Henry Amiel

I did ask the universe for a sign earlier that evening. I was not specific about what kind of sign.

The universe has a highly mischievous sense of humour, and being specific when wishing or asking for something like a sign is an important part of the process. That is why the warning – Be careful for what you wish – exists. If you wish too simply, you may have your wish granted in a way which is not appealing to you. If you complain to the universe, saying – That’s not what I wanted – the universe will smile at you and reply – It’s exactly what you asked for, you did not specify the details.

I just wanted a little bit of inspiration, so I was deliberately vague. Open to whatever the universe might send my way.


Being human owl

Now I just have to figure out what the owl means. I wonder if its purpose was to disrupt my sleep. After the incident I was too excited to go to bed. When I finally did, I only slept for a few hours, which always leaves me spaced out, as though I have never truly woken up at all.

Disrupting patterns and plans is one way the universe delivers inspiration. It knocks you off the track of your daily routines, or breaks your plan-executing focus, enabling you to see things differently, have a new experience, meet someone you would not have otherwise met, and so on.



I may be missing something really obvious. Or perhaps not. I don’t know. I don’t mind. That’s the sort of day it is.



So, What do you think?


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