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I LOVE (yes, I’m using CAPS ergo I’m shouting) THIS POST!

Don Charisma’s blog is a great one to follow and not just because he’s a great guy and blogger and photographer and thinker and human… but because you can learn a lot about blogging from him too!

I completely agree about OM. I have learned a lot about blogging from him and his blog Harsh Reality (I haven’t followed Shattered Smoke yet, my bad and it may be a continued bad on my part because life and stuff). Especially about comments and blogging etiquette.

His blog was one of the first to follow mine. Something he does. And it was one of the first I commented on… and almost fell over in surprise when he replied.

I was flapping around like the crazed shy person that I am when I received my first comments on WP. I didn’t know what to do or how to do whatever it was I should do and other stuff like that, and OM showed me the way. He set an example which I thought was wise to follow.

Took me a while to activate what he taught, but now I always reply to a comment on my blog… sometimes I reply too much. I’m still learning and you do have to be true to yourself if your blog is you, which mine is. Sort of… teasing, or am I!?

I never expect the bloggers on whose posts I comment to reply to me. So I sometimes miss their replies (again, my bad). I do however check to see if they are the strong silent type or the replying interactive type. I tend to feel warmer towards those who reply because then I know they are human (it’s a quirk of mine to check if people are, too long to explain).

Thanks Don Charisma, Brilliant post as ever!

Don Charisma

My professional integrity says that I keep my personal life largely to myself in my work. I find when more problematic/troublesome situations come up, I prefer to work on my art/photography/visual side of things or if I’ve got myself extremely busy then cease blogging all together. I do this because words cannot be taken back once written, and sometimes I just don’t want to write what I’m thinking or even be writing about something else whilst I’m thinking it (include feeling in that).

We’re all learning all of the time and this is about what’s on mind my mind, without talking about what’s on my mind, if that makes sense 🙂 Daughters Daughters

This blog is my combined personal / professional site, so I do sometimes share what’s personally relevant to what I’m doing professionally … also what this post is about.

My friend Opinionated Man recently gave me the…

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