Abandoned – The kind that makes your eyes glimmer

EmptyAbandon PouringAbandon OverflowingAbandon

“He or she who shuns passion,
who prefers black on white,
dotting ones “it’s” rather than a bundle of emotions, the kind that make your eyes glimmer,
that turn a yawn into a smile,
that make the heart pound in the face of mistakes and feelings,
dies slowly.” – Pablo Neruda

The champagne flute in this series of photographs was lying half-buried in the overgrown grass and warm earth of a field. It had been carelessly tossed aside after its user had had their fun. It was abandoned in a moment of wild abandon.

The field in which I found it is one that is regularly abandoned to nature. Every couple of years it is harvested for hay. The rest of the time it is the living playground to deer, rabbits, foxes, stoats, mice, rats, birds, butterflies, crickets, wild flowers and plants, and so much more.

I love to roam in this wilderness searching for treasure, often in the form of things which someone else considers garbage, which have been discarded and blown hither and thither by wanton winds, and have eventually settled in nature’s embrace, a place which welcomes the unwanted and gives it a new home.

Sometimes I leave the treasures which I find exactly where they are as they seem so happy and at peace there, and I do not want to disturb the uninhibited beauty of it, but occasionally I steal them away from Mother Nature’s grasp, she doesn’t seem to mind as long as I am respectful and remember that I owe her one, or two, or three…

I unearthed the flute and was surprised that it was still completely intact. And as I wiped away the dirt, admiring the shape and shine of the glass, it whispered to me – I am empty, my purpose is to be filled with bubbling liquid gold until I overflow…

“Let’s try and avoid death in small doses,
reminding oneself that being alive requires an effort far greater than the simple fact of breathing.

Only a burning patience will lead
to the attainment of a splendid happiness.” – Pablo Neruda


  1. I love abandoned objects, they have a history of thier own..Guess what, in refined Paris, at the local poubelles of my block, people leave all sorts of things, especially books, lit and philosophy are the hits thrown into the litter. I have found four flutes once too!


    • That is so bizarre – the flutes – and yet so wonderfully poetic and human. There is a recycling tip near where I live which is managed by a man who has a great artistic eye, he takes some of the objects which people throw away and makes sculptures out of them and displays them at the tip and they can be bought. 🙂


      • That’s the concept of ready made, sometimes it leads to a poetic world…Whilst on the other hand, phisolophy in the rubbish bin is not poetic at all and it makes me think i am not defitily in tune with the values of this word. i wish that man to sell all his art!


        • I think philosophy in the rubbish bin is an interesting statement, I can see a poetry to it, and it would have made an excellent photograph for the Abandoned challenge on WP.

          You don’t have to be in tune with the values of the world, you just have to be in tune with your own values. Then you share your values with the world, not imposing them on the world, or telling the world it is wrong to have the values it has, but just sharing yours like an ingredient in a stew… see what happens.

          I saw a wonderfully philosophical film last night – In The House (2012) – it’s French, and it touched upon projections and the blurry line between what is real and what we want to be real for us. There was a great scene where a man who is in love with a woman, and has been obsessed with her from afar for a while, proclaims his love for her to her and the woman he loves tells him that he is not in love with her at all, he is in love with the image he has created of her in his mind. He can’t accept that because he has blended his fantasy with the real person and wants her to be who he thinks she is… but she is not that person and he has never bothered to get to know who she really is because from the moment he saw her he created who she was for him.

          We all do that because we all have imagination and are visual artists of the mind. We do it with love and we do it with hate, we do it with everything and everyone. When someone does it as an art form… it expresses something natural and very human. The world we live in is part real and part fantasy, so much of what we experience as real is all in our minds, and changes when we change our minds.

          Thus a philosophy book in a rubbish bin… it is everything and nothing 🙂


        • I have an idea… this philosophy book in a bin… is a writing prompt. If you feel so inclined, write a story about it, first from your point of view, then from the point of view of the person who threw it away – maybe they are a child of a narcissistic parent who was a philosopher and throwing the book away was a symbol of finally releasing themselves from their parent’s hold over them. An act of freedom. Maybe they had spent their entire life immersed in literary philosophy, studying every philosopher in print… and suddenly realised that they had never lived, never experienced anything because they were too busy studying life they never lived it. This book in the bin struck something deep within you, take a journey to find it, but also take a journey outside of yourself too… to explore the world of others, and see it with compassion rather than fear 🙂

          And if you want, I’ll post it on my blog as a post.

          Qu’est que t’en penses?


          • Ho finito di leggere il tuo primo messaggio e ho pensato..poi leggo il secondo, ma allora mi leggi nel pensiero? Ho già scritto una cosa sull’argomento ma, merde, è in francese, non è un problema.Il problema è che sto malissimo e non riesco a pensare di rendere pubblico un mio scritto. So perchè me lo dici. Ti voglio bene come se ci conoscessimo da una vita!


            • In your own time, the offer is there if you want it, there is no time limit on it. I love how you express yourself, you have a lot to offer through sharing yourself, but there is no hurry. So che è il tuo compleanno domani, e i compleanni possono essere difficili. Take care of yourself 🙂 tanti baci e auguri!


    • What a poet! What a visionary with heart and soul!

      T-Saturn is doing a number on my T-square (Moon/Nep/Venus). I’m kind of looking forward to backward Saturn 😉 it’ll give my Neptune a break for a bit, time to absorb… my Moon is thoroughly Saturnised and has been for a while, not sure what my Venus is feeling, T-Nep is there blurring everything with a beautiful glow – everything seems beautiful, even the grim reaper 😉

      Take care and take cover, but let the cover be an embrace 🙂


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