The Sky Above… Or is it Below?

The Sky Below - detail

I love plays of perception, where you look at something and your mind makes as much sense of it as it can and informs you of its decision of what you are seeing. Or hearing. Or perceiving through any one of the other senses. Or a mix of several. Or all of them.

That creak in the still of the night, is it a burglar or just your house making house noises or a mouse making more noise than a rat?

The latter comes from personal experience. Mice make more racket than rats, perhaps it is due to a size issue. Small things want to sound BIG, whereas big things want to sound tiny.

So all these things you see and hear and pick up… of which your mind tries to make sense…

Do you accept what your mind is telling you and assume that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Or do you realise that perhaps you’ve only captured a detail of a whole?

Do you step back to get another view, to perceive what you are seeing from a wider angle, because maybe you have missed some other details which are pertinent to perspective?

Our minds like to make snap judgements. Our minds are busy, they have so much work and processing of information to do, shorthand and shortcuts are imperative or we’d get stuck examining something irrelevant too closely and perhaps let relevant things pass us by… which then wallop us later on, maybe suddenly surprising us, pleasantly or unpleasantly, and make us wish we had not been so distracted by the irrelevant.

We like surprises but only when we’re prepared for them, want them, hope for them, have factored them in. Good ones make  us want more and look forward to the unexpected. Bad ones make us cautious and paranoid about the unknown.

But how do we decide what is relevant and what is irrelevant? It is hard to tell sometimes. The small seems big and the big seems small.

And… and sometimes it is done deliberately. A small detail is made large so we’ll focus on it and not notice the large detail which is being surreptitiously hidden by making something small seem larger than it is, and something large appears small or as invisible to the eye as possible.

The elephant in the room becomes a mouse, and the mouse becomes an elephant. The fear the elephant feels towards a mouse becomes more logical than the fear a mouse feels towards an elephant.

The smallprint which really should be large and bold… isn’t because if we see it we’ll run away.

Some people see weakness as a bad thing, and strength as a good thing. Good has to be exaggerated and bad diminished. So they make their strength HUGE and their weakness tiny.

Not a bad tactic… until the polarities reverse and the weakness becomes a HUGE problem which chips away at any strength.


Some people make their weakness HUGE thus hiding their strength. They perceive their weakness as a strength and their strength as a weakness. If they get others to focus on their weaknesses, then no one will notice how strong their strengths are until it is… perhaps too late to change perception.

But too late for who? For what?

Sometimes what we see and hear and perceive… is exactly what it is as it is. And sometimes… we need to get another perspective on it.

The Sky Below


    • Thank you 😀

      Tears and crying are one of those expressions which can be viewed from many perspectives. A strength often perceived as a weakness, but why is it perceived that way and by who? Tears are beautiful, the drops of an ocean within one being often shed as a feeling shared between all the other beings who are drops in an ocean of souls.


    • Thank you 😀

      We are explorers, who sometimes prefer the complicated to that which is simple… or at least that’s my excuse for the messes I make in perception.


  1. This is beautifully articulated. I just love how you explore different perspectives… and don’t present one simple response to it. Well done. I really enjoyed reading this.


  2. Beautifully written post on something so fascinating – perception. Your questions force out more questions – some journey into the vast infinity of thoughts and what is real and what isn’t. Very well written! Regards.


  3. your line about some people get you to focus on their weakness and by the time you have bonded to them (like normal humans do) it is hard to then realize that they really have strengths that they have been using to manipulate and change your perspective. I love your line “sometimes what we see and hear and perceive…is exactly what it is as it is.” That is so right on! Thanks, great insight!


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