Internet Treasures (and distractions): GeoGuesser wants you to tell it (for points) where in the world you are


Who are these people and why are they staring at me? – is the first thought which popped into my mind when I saw this image while trying out a new game and distraction – GeoGuesser – Let’s Explore the World! – to pass the time while I wait in the in-between for stuff to happen in my particular tiny speck of the world.

Strictly speaking it is not a new game, it’s been around for a while, but the last time I played it, it did not have an option to do so without a timer. I hate timed games, they inspire me to panic and just run through them clicking madly as though flailing my arms while running to get to the end and have a rest.

And besides, this is the sort of game which is fun to explore and take your time discovering a place before you guess where it is, where you are. It’s a way to travel without moving too many muscles or packing or practical things like money and passports and visas and dealing with the getting from A to B and then to C and then further on to D which can at times make traveling fun… but can also make it more of a chore than an adventure.

It depends…

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to travel using a teleportation device. And this is the closest I’m ever going to come to that… for now, you never know (but you can guess).

The basics of play are simple. You get teleported to a place and abandoned there while a disembodied voice (not really) says to you – So, human, where are you? Guess well and I shall reward you with imaginary points aplenty. Guess badly and you won’t get as many points and it will hurt your ego (and you won’t want to share your results, you will hide them in a deep dark place where you hide all those sort of things)! Beware! There are no risks or dangers involved!

Why have you summoned me here? – I asked the staring and mostly smiling people before me, hoping to coax them into giving me the answer either through their language or just by them blurting it out – We thought you’d enjoy spot of ski-ing in [insert place name here]!

But they sussed out my ploy and stayed as they were.

Now, so far, this game has two types of play within it. One – you can move around and go for miles and miles as you can if you use Street View on Google Maps. Two – you’re glued to the spot like in a bad dream and all you can do is turn around in circles. This particular challenge was a glued to the spot one.

So, I turned around…

GeoGuesser shadow

… and found my shadow. No clues there. I’m guessing having a very smooth head like a snow globe is because I’m wearing a helmet and not because I’m an alien on a frozen planet (I don’t think this game includes space travel).

Turn around a bit more…

GeoGuesser behind and up

… snow, mountains, skiers, random poles stuck in the snow, pine trees (not sure what kind, botany is not my thing, if only it was… note to self: botany must become your thing)… so, I’m somewhere where there is snow, mountains, skiers (or is that man just freeze frame falling?), random poles stuck in the snow, pine trees… it’s sunny and there’s some sort of platform up there.

Turn around again… getting a bit dizzy and my fingers are getting callous(es) and frostbite (my shadow didn’t seem to have hands, so maybe I don’t have hands, or gloves or frostbitten fingers).

GeoGuesser skiers

I should probably be able to guess this from the mountains, I bet a seasoned skier, mountaineer or mountain range geo-expert would know this place just from those peaks in the distance…or a fashionista would know where this was just by looking at the fashion sense of the skiers. The mountains just look like mountains to me and the skiers look like they’re skiers, bundled up against cold and falling.

Okay. I’m not going to guess well with this one, time to take a stab in the dark and go for it – [insert place name here].

NO, human, you’re so far out I should give you bad points for being rubbish at this! – the disembodied voice chuckles at my stupidity and enjoys informing me of my wrongness (kind of the way humans enjoy telling other humans how wrong they are).




Hmmm… I seem to have forgotten to grab a screen shot of that bit. I didn’t want to spoil the fun of guessing and wondering for you (oh, that sounds good!).

Like this…

GeoGuesser points

…where it compares your guess to the actual location, shows you how far you are away from it and tells you what sort of points it is willing to give you. It’s very educational… as long as you can get past the sense of failure and choose to learn from it.

Anyway, not to be hampered by one error, and eager to make more, or make less, not sure which one yet… this foolish human was eager to travel on and activated the teleportation device once more.

GeoGuesser crossroads

And that’s when teleportation travel revealed that it had a flaw.

Там не было ничего, что я мог сделать, чтобы избежать удара ей, что она появилась из ниоткуда, как по волшебству. Нет, я не пил … что бутылка водки является топливом я использую для моего автомобиля! – said the man in the burgundy car to the police after the unfortunate incident which made the traffic so much worse than it already was.

Well, at least I wasn’t hit by the steamroller…

And since I wasn’t in corporeal form…

GeoGuesser middle of nowhere

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

If you love travel and playing games… give GeoGuesser – Let’s Explore the World! a go, you might enjoy it as much as I do, maybe more!


  1. for me I sometimes explore a place in google streetmap – it feels strange in many ways to just be able to jump into a place – the idea that so much of the western world is recorded in this way it is odd – in some sense for me I think to when those places would have been all in the imagination – brought to you by someones story via their words – the world then would have been so much a dream – now we can feel to have walked along almost any road… looked at almost any sky as for me mostly I look to the clouds but then that is another story…


    • There are still many places untouched by Street View, a road going off a mapped/photographed one which can’t be accessed and is left to the imagination. A world hidden by shrubbery. Many smaller roads in the UK have high walls made of hedge. So much is seen and much is not seen.

      I like to visit places this way because the images are a captured moment (many which have changed since the photo was taken). And sometimes I revisit places I’ve been to see what they are like outside of memory. Sometimes it’s a way to get a feel for somewhere I may be going. And then it’s a way to get more of a real view for somewhere which is in the news and you’ve never been there so it is too much in the imagination and almost unreal.

      This game is fun, my inner detective loves to search for clues, and sometimes I forget the clues because I find something more interesting.

      You’re right, there are many ways to travel 😀


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