Uncovering the Purpose of Your Blogging-What Have you been Hiding?

A beautiful and thoughtful post by a very talented blogger and inspiring soul.

This post really made me think, and delve deep… I’m still thinking about this, that is what happens when one person shares their inspiration with others.

Thank you for sharing.

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The other day, conversing with a friend who is finishing her dissertation, she mentioned the “unstated purpose” of her writing.

I did not know what she was talking about at first. Coming from a science background in which you literally state your intention with the hypothesis, an “unstated purpose” seemed to me to be a ridiculous driving force in any work.

Then, she explained hers- she wants to change people’s usage of certain vocabulary that is taken for granted in her field. You will not find this purpose stated anywhere directly in her written arguments, but it is, I realize, her underlying driving force.

When I thought about it, I realize even in science we had unstated purposes (namely to keep funding coming into the lab 😉 ). Even beyond that, though, we had an unstated purpose that went well beyond any specific hypothesis in any given article.

My friend…

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An Upturned Soul takes a break… sort of…

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