Syracuse Dating Perceptions… Well, Some.

I just found out that I forgot to ‘Like’ this post, which explains why I couldn’t find it in my – Posts I Like – section of my WordPress Reader when I wanted to reblog it.
*head bangs hardwood table and buries itself with mea distracted mind culpa groaning stuff.
Perhaps I forgot to ‘Like’ this post (made up for previous mistake now) because ‘Like’ is an inadequate word for it (good excuse) ‘Love’ is better, ‘Genius’ is closer to the feeling it evoked within me… Chris is one of those writers and observational geniuses who can’t see how talented he is because that’s a part of his talent and brilliance – better at observing others than himself, and humble about it!
This post will draw you in and have your mind coming up with all sorts of ideas and notions and opinions… that’s what great bloggers do to you when you read what they write!

Christopher S. Malone

Let’s get controversial.  I finally write more than one curse word.

The girl in the cafe… yes, this sounds like a nice romantic beginning to a blog post… was [insert your favorite adjective here].

You can decide on this.

It was uncertain whether or not she was on a date, which could be true.  Dates can happen at any time of day, even before work.  However, this engagement was taking place around 9:45 this morning.  She talked nonstop–a stenographer would have a hard time keeping up–but allowing the guy get a grunt or agreeing yes injection without not much of coherent substance seemed too generous.  In a seven-minute period the topics of guys, women’s sexuality, breasts, Victoria’s Secret models, breastfeeding,  milk,  drinking, drinking underage, stealing alcohol, smoking pot, making out with guys her father’s age (when she was a teenager), golf cart riding, smoking more pot, making out with more random guys, waking up…

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