Things which I watch on TV… when I have the remote control

The corporation film poster

The Corporation (2003) is the film I watched last night…

…while I had complete control of the remote (as in I did not have to consult the board of TV watching decision making in this house about my choice, which would have probably been approved, but it’s nice to have complete control sometimes and not have to consider what others want, need or enjoy too).

Made more interesting by the fact that it asked the question – How does a film like this ever get made available to the public considering the fact that corporations control things like film distribution – and attempted to answer it.

I recently bought (a consumer thing to do) Noam Chomsky’s Understanding Power, so when I saw his name attached to the credits of this film, and that he was interviewed in the film, it made it a must see for me.

I did not want to watch another conspiracy theory type of documentary…

…athough this mockumentary – The Conspiracy (2012) – is excellent as it gives a very intelligent and thought-provoking twist to the conspiracy theory genre.

The Conspiracy film poster

I wanted something meatier and more realistic. Not saying conspiracy theories aren’t based in truth, they just tend to offer a bleak view where you, the people, feel helpless, powerless and a stupid pawn in the hands of a big, powerful and fingers in every pie Bond-ish baddie who doesn’t have a Bond to foil his plans for world domination.

I don’t want to be in a Bond film (not anymore anyway), I want information, presented neutrally is possible so I can make my own decisions and think for myself, and to understand what I am being given in the way of information from as many perspectives as possible.

I want to see through the eyes of the Bond baddie, the corporation, too, then I can figure out, perhaps, what they see when they look at little old ordinary powerless pawn me…

Or something like that.

Great film… very long.

Worth watching, at least I enjoyed it, not sure if I’m more aware, more informed… perhaps. It did elucidate some things…

Once my sleeping partner woke up, we watched by joint decision…


How To Be A Man (2013)

A great indie film about being human… and a man. Not sure if the tips it gave on how to be a man actually work (I’m not a man), but… you never know.

Brilliant film, worth a watch, very funny, often poignant in its humour, different from the usual.


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