And then something invisible snapped inside her…


“And then something invisible snapped inside her, and that which had come together commenced to fall apart.” ― John Green

Do you ever feel that there is something inside of you trying to get out. Get outside of you and colour your world with a new hue.

An emotion, perhaps.

A burst of creative self expression.

A part of yourself.

A trait, side of your character which you know you have but which doesn’t reveal itself openly. What would happen if it did…

Words, something which you would like to say but never do. What would happen if you said it…

An action, something which you would like to do but stop yourself from doing. What would happen if you did it…

Something inside which wants to get outside, run barefoot and free through wet grass…

But there is an invisible barrier which keeps it from crossing the threshold between the inside and the outside.

There are so many colours, shades, hues and blends within us.

They colour our world, the one inside.

They seep out of us from every pore like a gossamer energy which is absorbed by the open pores of the world.

They colour our world, the one outside.

If you are blue inside, the outside becomes infused with your blue, you swim in its ocean.

If you are red inside, the outside appears to be on fire and burns to the touch.

If you are green inside, it is always greener outside, your green turning the external green greener.

If you are yellow inside, the yellow outside hurts your eyes as though you are staring at the Sun, and you turn away to shield them.

But we are never just one colour inside, we are a canvas splattered with the paints on our inner palettes, rich and vivid.

Some of our colours move easily from the inside to the outside and some… find themselves blocked.

We feel the pressure of that which wants to get out, pressing against the invisible which holds it in…

Sometimes it stays there forever… a secret colour, one which is never shared, but which still colours our life inside, how we see the world, the world outside just can’t see it.

And sometimes something snaps, the invisible barrier gives way, the prisoner within escapes, rushing and gushing out like a tidal wave, a new hue which washes into all the outside hues and changes the colour of the outside world completely.

The new colour of the outside world… seeps into us, and changes the colour of our inside world too.

Everything flows both ways.