Twelve years a laze …

A stunning post! A rich tapestry of self observation and observation of the self having to venture into the world of others.

These words – Now I have to put a public me together again, every day… – struck a chord within me which echoed.

I also work from home, thanks to the age of the internet, and have done for so long enough that I sometimes forget how I lived before.

Any type of venturing out feels like an expedition – Do I have the right gear to survive this? – even though I live in an area full of reclusive hermits like me.

It also made me wonder… how many other people are also doing this? Are we all doing it and just don’t know it?

How many of those others who seem to have it together… are just like us, putting on a show for others? And putting up with others for as long as we have to before we can retreat to that place where we can be ourselves, as is, no bows or frills or correct attire?

Great post, thank you for sharing!

Beth Byrnes

It has been a little over a decade now that I have worked from my own home office, first part time and then about five years into it, full time.  I am just discovering  how luxurious that has been.

On Friday, after a long week of suspense, I was selected to be on a jury — I didn’t expect it.  I cannot talk about the trial until it is over and I won’t.  We are not even allowed to share anything with our SOs, so that will be particularly challenging.  But, I am one of those ‘play by the rules’ to the ‘letter of the law’ folks, so my lips are zipped until the end.  The trial is expected to last for awhile. Sigh.choosing an outfit

As I posted way back when I began this blog last summer, I am a creature of schedules, lists, discipline, order and routine.  I am not…

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