A Flash: About Anorexia

A very thoughtful, beautiful, thought-provoking post!

When we look at others, what do we see? Do we see the person’s story behind their appearance to us or do we project our own story upon the person?

A look inside… with elements of what others see when they only see the outside.

Thank you for sharing!

Feigned Affections


There is something I wish that other people understood about having an eating disorder.  I don’t actually care what you think about me.  When you see me staring in the mirror with a critical eye, it does not matter how you perceive me.  Does my mom not know that I am not stupid.  I know I am wearing the same size I wore in 1994.  I don’t.  I fill my clothing out now. I know I still look the same as I did when I was 25.  I don’t.  I look like I am in my 20s now.  The voice of anorexia, my forever friend, is far more critical than that.

I look at my body and think I look like a woman and I hate my failed attempt to control who might find me sexually attractive.  I am aware that it didn’t work in the past.  I am aware…

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