Do Not Sleep… I Cannot Bear it…



“The man stared at me for some time, almost incredulous of my being capable of such energy of passion and command. But when he had, by the help of his dilated eyes, and gaping mouth, appeared to satisfy himself fully of the fact, his expression suddenly changed. He appeared to feel a community of nature with me for the first time. Anything of ferocity appeared congenial and balsamic to him; and, with oaths, that froze my blood, swore he liked me the better for my resolution. ‘I will keep awake,’ he added, with a yawn that distended like the jaws of an ogre preparing for his cannibal feast. Then suddenly relaxing, ‘But how shall we keep awake? We have nothing to eat, nothing to drink, what shall we do to keep awake? And incontinently he uttered a volley of curses. Then he began to sing.”




“I implored him to cease, but this man could pass so instantaneously from the extremes of atrocity to those of levity – from the ravings of guilt and horror, to songs that would insult a brothel, that I knew not what to make of him. This union of anitpodes, this unnatural alliance of the extremes of guilt and light-mindedness, I had never met or imagined before.”


All extracts in photo and writing from – Melmoth the Wanderer by Charles Maturin.


What is your threshold of tolerance, your point of no return, and can it be crossed and surpassed to lead you into new and uncharted territory?