The Spirit of Icarus



“I’ve never been certain whether the moral of the Icarus story should only be, as is generally accepted, ‘don’t try to fly too high,’ or whether it might also be thought of as ‘forget the wax and feathers, and do a better job on the wings.” ― Stanley Kubrick


2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Icarus

  1. Icarus means to me the right to fly, therefore to dream. As long we can work out a good way to embrace the act of believing, expecting, hoping and giving ourselves the chance for a better life without living only within it, i sense it’s a marvellous experience which informs our present and helps us to undergo difficult moments. Maybe working on better wings is this- working out our boundaries and the edge where reality becomes something imagined and nourished only by our mind. Thank you for this deep food for thought.


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