Frustrations, delays: Mars retrograde

A wonderful post, both astrologically and personally! My favourite part, and there were many, is when a disruption which caused frustration, with a conscious change of perspective, led to a beautiful adventure both physically and beyond.

Life likes to challenge us, how we deal with the challenge is up to us.

Thank you for sharing!

Emerging From The Dark Night

Mars attacks and comes to a night sky near you this month, and the folks at the Virtual Telescope Project and Slooh are bringing it to you live and in color. Unlike most planets, “Mars viewing season” comes around only once about every two years. And while Mars is shining bright in the sky right now, the “official” event of Mars being closest to Earth happens next week on April 8th, when the Red Planet reaches opposition and shines at magnitude -1.5 in the constellation Virgo.


Is anyone else out there feeling the full force of their Mars issues currently coming to a head?

While Mars transits in retrograde motion, an event that only occurs once every two years, we get a chance to come to awareness about the way our Mars energy functions in our lives, that is awareness around how we express and assert ourselves, how…

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4 thoughts on “Frustrations, delays: Mars retrograde

    1. Deborah has a wonderful skill at overlapping astrology and life, weaving the two together and making connections, her posts always have such depth and insight. I love her blog! She’s also has a lot of experience of the pain of being in a relationship with narcissists, and is an inspiring survivor.

      And I have Mars in Scorpio too, it packs quite a powerful punch energy-wise, doesn’t it, it tends to fuel my feistiness and often sets me off on rants. We never forget, even when we want to, but we can eventually move on and when we do, we really do.


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