A Frog in my Flip Flop

caring, not caring


Today is one of those days where the sublime is juxtaposed against the ridiculous.

I was in the garden hanging out laundry, paying more attention to what my hands were doing than what my feet were up to in the undergrowth of the garden, when lo and behold, something sticky and squishy against the skin of my sensitive sole alerted me to an irregularity in my footwear.

I lifted my foot and shook it, and out popped a rather confused looking frog.

Yuk! – he ribbitted while sitting stunned in the grass below my be-flip-flopped foot. – I was rudely touched by a human, I may never be accepted by my kind again now that I smell like a human, not that they accepted me anyway as I’m the sort of frog who climbs into flip flops and allows myself to be touched by a human sole.

This interlude was the sublime part of my day.

It’s not really warm enough to wear flip flops at the moment, but eff it!

The ridiculous part of my day involves only humans, particularly those who call themselves family and seem to think they can do whatever they bloody well please and you’ll put up with it. Not only will you put up with it, you’ll think it’s right and stuff they want you to think, you’ll bend over backwards until you are in pain to please those who only care about their own pain and such. The sort of humans who think they know you, because they made you, own you and can invent who you are for them. Beware not living up to their illusion of who you should be. They can unmake you should their needs require for you to be unmade.

But they don’t know you or own you. They may have made you, but at some point you became autonomous and they can’t unmake what has claimed its own life and chosen to walk its own path… no matter what they think they can do. The power of thought is limited, even if humans think it’s unlimited.

Yes, I’m being slightly abstruse… such is my way, and I walk it with a certain swagger. Sometimes I look like a frog when I walk.

Funnily enough, one of the nicknames given to me as a child was – Kaeru – which is Japanese for frog.

Sublimely ridiculous or ridiculously sublime!

Who cares…!….?


  1. Funny enough that in the Natives’ symbolism for a frog is associated with “cleansing”. Frogs support and help you clear negativity and toxic energies… just sayin’ 🙂


  2. Oddly enough, this is pertinent for me today. Not the frog part, the family bit. 😀


    • Ah… heavy sigh… family! You can always see it coming a mile off, but there’s always a part of you that hopes logic will prevail over the ridiculous, yet it never seems to 🙂


      • Part of my family is illogical, the other part is logical but…well, maybe they aren’t logical either! 😀


    • I like what she said too 🙂

      What I could really use right about now is something along those lines only in a more practical manner. I can wait, that seems to be my thing at the moment and I’m getting quite good at it.


  3. There is a sort of synchronicity of thought at the moment in my circle of friends..I do subscribe to every word you wrote about family and us as their own products, their effort to make us think the way they do and fulfil their dreams, you call it ridicolous, maybe a kind of hilarious necessity:this is the only way out in front of us if we really want to transform into ourselves:to acknowledge our family history in order to be aware of the past to jump into our present. i find too that animals are symbolic, they are a sort of touchstone to me. Just these days I happened to look at my cat and realized that this is perfection: what intensity of meaning in their actions and loyalty, they have so many stories to tell without words. I love the quote although I don’t know if i got it right but I feel protected by animals, they are so pure and they care for us out there, as you say.


    • There are times when I definitely prefer animals to humans, they don’t go out of their way to make something simple into something complicated (which then costs you time and money sorting their mess out), they tend to show us how complicated things can be simplified which makes life more enjoyable and less stressful.

      But there are also many wonderful humans worth knowing, those who show you that sometimes we can be logical in our nature too 🙂


  4. Love the meme…and thanks for the chuckle. I like how you looked at things from the frog’s perspective 😉

    And the family member(s) and others with a thirst for “unmaking”…it’s quite absurd how they assume everyone they used to control is still asleep and will just sleepwalk right back into their reality. They obviously DON’T know you. *Sigh*…the irony. Little do they realize that not only are THEY asleep, they’re in a coma.


    • Thank you 🙂

      There is a certain humour to be found in watching someone do something which once would have messed you up, no longer have that effect on you. And thinking – Really!?! This routine again, how’s it working out for you, still think that doing the same thing over and over again will have a different result?

      And you kind of have to use humour to get you through dealing with those whom it does mess up, and cleaning up the mess.

      I like finding the sublime in life, it’s a great leveller 🙂


    • My garden is kind of full of them (one of the advantages (?) of having a damp and shady garden). I found one in my bath a while ago (my plumbing is organic), he (she?) had crawled up the pipe and decided to set up home in the tub 😀


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