Who Am I? Who am I really? Do I have to choose between them?

The very talented Christopher Malone, creator extraordinaire of The Infinite Abyss(es), wrote a post – Snark Tuesdays – as an intro to his weekly Syracuse New Times post – What’s Your (Stereo)Type? – which is a cracking read and a journey into the life of someone who is an observer of himself and his own life and who is willing to share his observations and life openly with charmingly timid brazenness.

He’ll either enjoy what I’ve just said about him or run away screaming from it or just looked pleased but embarrassed or… well, it’s up to him (I’m really glad I don’t have to decide what reaction he’ll have, I always end up giving terrible advice to people who ask me what reaction they should have to something, especially when that something is something I have just said).


INTP choice



He asked a bunch of questions in his intro, which are the sort of questions I love to ask and answer. Some of them are ones which I have asked myself since I first found out that I could ask myself questions.

These are the sort of questions which often receive different answers depending on what is going on inside and outside of me at the time.INTP mind

I thought I’d answer them using some memes connected to my MBTI.


Who are you?INTP votw


Really… Who are you?


INTP -psychology
Who do you see yourself as?



INTP - Who


What do you your friends see you as?


INTP vision

What do you see yourself as socially?


INTP -devil's advocate


What does society see you as?




What aspects, traits allows you to fit into certain characters?


INTP - the joker


Do you have the ability to be independent?  Can you venture into activities by yourself? Are you reluctant to?


INTP recluse

We are all categorized somehow.  We do it to ourselves, and sometimes others bestow designations upon us.  Sometimes you take those ever-so-accurate online quizzes to figure out whowhatwhere, etc. you’d be.


INTP personality test peeve

INTP checks

INTP research

That’s it.

A big thank you to Christopher Malone (all words in bold – in this post and in the entire world – belong to him).


If you’re an INTP too or any other type and would like to find out more, here’s one of my favourite MBTI sites – Oddly Developed Types.