Missed Understandings


Every day our ego has several a little deaths.

Do I mean that as in – petit mort – the French euphemism for orgasm or do I mean it literally? And am I using ‘literally’ correctly or incorrectly? Do I care… someone out there probably thinks I should care and may even feel the need to impress upon me how important it is that I do.

But if I’m the sort of person who uses a word incorrectly, would I care if you told me I was and would I take your need to impress upon me your version of right and wrong as being as important as you think it is, as important to me as it is to you, or would I just think you’re being pedantic and wish you’d go be pedantic somewhere else.

Every day someone feels the need to tell us we’re wrong – UR doing it wrong – and then take up our time lecturing us on how to do it right, as in their way of doing it, which is right because they think it is, they have proof positive (which tends to feel very negative to us) that they are right. And here’s a giant file for you to read (ignore and use as kindling), with stats showing that everyone else (all the people who agree with them) does it their way. And so on into infinity and beyond…………………

Today my daily astrology warned me that I was probably going to attract arguments. How is that different from any other day? People like to argue, but claim that they don’t, but they do. This is one of the ways our ego defines itself.

People claim a lot of things. About themselves and about others. Is any of it true? What is truth?

Me: Hello, Snail!

Snail: ………….

Me: Gosh, you’re moving quickly for a snail, I thought you guys were supposed to be slow.

Snail: ……………

Me: I hope you don’t mind if I take your photo…

Snail: ………….

Me: It’s just… you’re going too fast and the pic is going to be blurry, so maybe if… you’d slow down a bit…

Snail: ……………..

Me: Also, you’re on the front doorstep… someone might step on you… accidentally, of course.

Snail: ……………….

Me: You might be killed… squashed… die…

Snail: ……………..

Me: I always feel guilty when I accidentally step on one of you guys…

Snail: …………..?………….!…………

Me: It’s not pleasant, you know… knowing you’ve killed a living thing… even though it was an accident.

Snail: I don’t know how any of this human prattle is any concern of mine. First of all, not all snails are alike. We’re all very different and you’re assuming we’re all the same. That says more about you than it does about me. So does everything else you’ve said. If you feel bad about stepping on snails, then make more of an effort not to step on our species. Secondly I move at my own pace, it is neither too quick nor too slow, it is just right. Your opinion and your species’ judgments and myths about my species’ speed or lack of it, what it is supposed to be, what is right and wrong, is your problem not mine. Your concept of me and everything and everyone else is questionable as you are a human… you’re disconnected from nature, your own which you think you can control… excuse me while I laugh… and those of others. Oh I know you think you know stuff about nature, nurture, yourself, others and everything else, because you ‘study’ it all, think… think your thinking is something… but you’re just chasing woozles… look it up or don’t… take your photo or don’t… step on me or don’t… I’m busy being… you go and do your busy doing thing… let me be… I let you do… (my species could take over your world if we wanted to, but it’s not worth the effort). Eff off now… or don’t…

Me: …………………………..

I guess my astro was right.


Whatever… but what does this mean!?!

Is this a sign……..?………!

Vanity Plate by Daniel ‘Homeless’ Mustard


“Sign says, No turning on red.
No idling either.
And sign says, at lease what I read.
No stopping here neither.
I should’ve known by now, I’d never get so much as a breather so
I stall instead, so my sign says.”

– Daniel Mustard (Vanity Plate lyrics)

Intelligent understanding

(conditions apply to humans too)


  1. If they could talk, we would find out we are not that different, not that much smarter, if at all. I think the essence of a blog is saying whatever we want, in whatever language we choose. To he** with what anyone thinks about it. 7 billions people, 7 billions right/wrong beliefs. Only one matters: yours.


    • I was really just arguing with myself in this post, which is one of my favourite hobbies. I like to challenge my own perceptions, see beyond what seems to be, and the perceptions of others is a rich territory to explore.

      It’s a fascinating world, because there are so many versions of reality, and each person often holds multiple versions within themselves, some of which can be in conflict with each other. When we have a conflict inside we often instigate conflicts with others as a way to resolve our own. So in some ways the arguments we have with others over right/wrong, beliefs, opinions, views, are practice for the arguments we are having within ourselves. Such as when those who believe that they are superior need to impress this upon others to quell the fear inside that they are inferior – ie. humans versus the natural world. The human attitude towards the natural world is intriguing because it can reflect our attitude to our own nature – we’re so focused upon control, controlling nature and controlling our own nature and natural tendencies.

      Thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. From observation, I think my cat is more intelligent than I am. He cares about me, and he shows it by snuggling up on me, sitting on my lap, scratching the bathroom door when I’m doing what has to be done. Regardless of our species, we’re all on this planet for some reason. We might or can’t speak the same language, but there are other means of communication.

    We all have hearts, body systems, breathe the same air… why should it matter where we come from, our species or gender, what language we speak or religion we practice… we all have blood running through our veins.

    I could go on… ah, rants. Wonderful post, Ursula!


    • Thank you 🙂

      You close the bathroom door!?!

      I completely agree, there are so many ways to communicate and language is just one slice of the communication cream pie. I have dyslexia which can make verbal and written communication difficult at times – sometimes when I read or hear things which have words I end up understanding something very different from what is actually written or said, which can be hilarious… and can cause a snowballing series of misunderstandings. I tend to rely on other forms of communication, visual cues, body language, sensory stimuli, tone of voice, etc, to give the verbal/written kind of it context and confirmation… which has been known to cause conflict, especially if someone is saying one thing while expressing another.

      The world is a wonderful chaos, a cacophony of voices of one sort or another which sometimes sounds like beautiful music.

      Rants are great creative friction, and peeves make great pets (until they eat you up!).

      Love your philosophical soul!


      • I close the bathroom door if people are around. If I’m alone, it’ll stay open.

        At least you combat your dyslexia with the non-verbal and visual cues. It’s crazy to think that people without the issue conscientiously disregard what people say or write on purpose due to their arrogance and being close-minded. People don’t care,and I have issues with that.

        “The world is a wonderful chaos, a cacophony of voices of one sort or another which sometimes sounds like beautiful music”. I love this quote, and I may reference it at a later time. Oh, hell, I could use it for Tuesday now that I think about it.

        Thank you. I greatly appreciate it.

        Cheers, Ursula!


        • There’s no combat between me and dyslexia, it’s part of who I am, it’s an ally not a foe 🙂

          Take what you need and go with it, everything is a surfboard on a wave of our creative and sometimes turbulent ocean… there be sharks with lasers too.

          Enjoy being yourself, you’re the only one with the secret formula for that!


          • I do agree with Christopher, my cat is smarter than I am and teaches me great things about love and other amenities, for instance that he’s the one who sets boundaries and not me, therefore the bathroom door is open!!!
            I was at the concert last night, it was Mahler’s 9th, and actually cacophony was there to bring out the harmony, as darkness brings out the light.As something necessary to appreciate what was coming next. thank you also for applying this musical methaphore on my journey.You know music makes my soul alive.
            Your snail would be flattered to have such a beautiful portrait;your pictures seems to come out of a dream, the colours are so intense and glittering;
            Sorry to say it here as I forgot to write it in my last comment: thank you for the Shakespeare’s quote on borrowing and lending books, I never came across it!… now that i know that even him was allergic, I won’t hesitate to avoid to be entangled in that kind of muddle:)))


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