Study Reveals 9 Out Of 10 People Believe The 10th Person To Be A Total Weirdo

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The Return of the Modern Philosopher

brain A new study released today by the Department Utilizing Statistics & Tables (DUST) revealed that 9 out of 10 people believe the 10th person to be a total weirdo.

Over two million Americans participated in the survey which was conducted from December through February.

“It’s amazing how willing Americans are to take a telephone poll during a long, harsh Winter,” Dr. Horace Pledjowicz, The Deputy Director of DUST, explained to this Modern Philosopher.  “Statistics do show that participation in phone polling increases by 47% on days when the weather is harsh and forces people to stay indoors.”

What exactly was the reason behind this study?  What were researchers hoping to learn?

“Essentially, the Federal Government allots several millions of dollars to our department annually,” Dr. Pledjowicz informed me.  “If we don’t publish reports and findings every few months, and make sure to print up numerous color charts and graphs in…

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