Three Questions… Three Wounds…

mad quiet


The Daily Post asks in their Trick Questions prompt- A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

Not that such a scenario would ever happen… but our minds are full of scenarios which never happen.


Sometimes those scenarios are more real to us than what is real, because within them we can let our imagination roam free and explore things… all sorts of things, which may help us in some way. To know ourselves better perhaps.


There are three questions which, when people ask them of me, are ones I wish they would not ask… and hope someone doesn’t ask.


1 – What are you thinking?


2- What are you feeling?


3 – What do you want?


They are the sort of question which I could never answer in a way which would satisfy the person asking them.


My most used reply to such questions is – nothing.


Or something which I sense will fill whatever need the person asking the question had, which is why they asked… whether they really want my answer is always a question I have when I am asked this sort of question or any other question.


It’s always tricky… being human is tricky… being with other humans is tricky.


One song always seems to surface in these moments when I am asked something for which I may not have an answer, or a suitable answer for the querent. A song which is a part of the soundtrack of my mind, of my life.


Llego Con Tres Heridas – I Come with Three Wounds. That of love, that of life, that of death.


A song written by Miguel Hernandez and sung most poignantly by Joan Baez.




There are some things… we just can’t answer. Can’t explain. Can’t speak about.


They just are… and so are we.