Dear Mother (yep, you get one, too);

Beautiful, poignant, and a wonderful expression of all the facets of relationship and being human.

A powerful post!

If you ever wonder why people blog… this is why. Sometimes it’s the only way to give voice to things we find hard to say otherwise.

Thank you for sharing!

here we are. here we go.

I decided to not publish the rather extensive detailed account of how I made the official decision to distance myself from my own mother last night, during a life event where a child (no matter the age) needs a mommy most.

Instead, you do things that truly hurt my feelings. Like sending me text after text how I hurt you and that I’m “so blind to you” and that “I am really missing out” while checking in my father at the VA ER with my son this afternoon. Literally; and without exaggeration.

I decided not to publish my last evening’s semi-rantish post, but I also don’t deserve to continue to be antagonized over and over after explaining where I was and asking you to let me feel like I just have the support from my mother.

In fact the one relaxing moment I am allowed to take is dedicated towards…

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