The Photographer’s Assistant



“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” ― Terry Pratchett

The photo above is part of a series of extra shots I was taking while preparing to do a shoot. I was warming up, trying to synchronise my eye and the camera, and get a feel for how best to create what I had in mind.

Usually I delete these extra shots after I’m done with them. But this one is a keeper. It made me laugh when I saw it because it expressed how I sometimes see my cat, it may have the body of a domestic being but that belies the feral fierceness within. It is gentle and tame because it chooses to be so. Don’t mistake its kindness and docility as weakness or lack of ferocity.

And frankly it’s better than any of the other shots which I took in this series because it is a spontaneous moment of cat.

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” ― Colette

My cat is my photography assistant. It has to check out everything before I can proceed, and often interrupts a shoot to give me some much needed perspective.


This shot above is me trying to do a Lara Croft impression during a shoot for a Tomb Raider competition on deviantart.  And that bottom is what my cat thought of what I was doing.

As much as I sometimes want to disagree with my cat’s advice and critique, and wish it wouldn’t interfere, it is usually right.

“Never try to outstubborn a cat.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

Now… when I want to take a picture of my cat, things can get very blurry. But when I don’t want the cat in shot…


…things can get very copacetic.

The image above is a part of the shoot I took after I captured my cat with its head in the mask. It is sort of what I had in mind for capturing – Mars in Scorpio – for a series I was doing of my astrological chart in photographs (which is still a work in progress).

I did not plan on having a cat in the photo…

If I had planned on having the cat in the photo… it would have never happened.

…my photographer’s assistant decided that this image needed a cat.

My assistant was right.

I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps I’m the assistant and my cat is actually the photographer.

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau


    • Thank you 🙂

      Cats have a wonderful energy, watching them enjoy the simple things like sunshine reminds me how lovely and soothing it is to just enjoy the sun. They are wise teachers!


  1. My black cat Prospero makes his own mind about everything and if I chase him with my camera no way i am going to succeed in taking a picture but i have recently caught him relaxing in the bathroom sink and it was a funny one. he’s an autocrat and i love his being himself, he’s not a warped child:)))


    • Sorry i forgot to tell you i love the lara croft one with the back landscape of your cat-that’s the essence of feline sense of humor for me!


    • Cats can be wonderfully eccentric and make doing something like lying in the sink the most brilliant idea in the world. I love their self-assured independence. And they have such expressive faces and tails 😉


      • What i love in my cat is the fact he doesn’t care about being validated, his ego is solid enough to expect to be loved the way he is-great lesson for me.And he never doubts about my unconditional love, he even poured water on my laptop but fair enough, it wasn’t that serious, she loves just the’s a great reward to me.He doesn’t please anyone, so whatever he does it’s just for the sake of it and he’s always authentic.. and an eccentric;he’s French but he loves pizza and asparagus and Japanese tea, a cat of taste and manners, but crazy about the trash and stealing food from a plate that is not his..


  2. Very artful- Love the colors , richness and the feeling of playfulness that comes across. TY for posting this.


    • Thank you 🙂

      Ha! My cat thinks that people who love cats are… um… lovely but mustn’t forget who’s boss (meow meow) 😉 We get yummy fluffy cuteness as an incentive!


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