Internet Treasures: WheezyWaiter… and a belly full of laughs!

I have a serious week ahead of me, and today in particular is full of foreboding…

So… my preparations have been to find as much laugh-inducing moments as possible. I use humour to deal with everything and I really don’t care how inappropriate it is, as I tend to keep it to myself since it is for my own benefit.

I’ve learned over the years that when faced with something my mind dictates that I should handle by being ultra sombre about it. Research it thoroughly, analyse it relentlessly, cover every base, angle and perspective, until I make myself paralysed by grim reality and riddled with anxious crawling nerves. What I actually need to do is the exact opposite because my mind is… not always helpful, prone to arrogance and getting things horribly wrong due to over-thinking and narrowing itself to a point which isn’t really a point at all but a threshold to some very unfresh hell.

While watching the World Cup last night…

By ‘watching’ I mean occasionally glancing at the TV screen and noticing irrelevant things, such as that certain footballers wear pink and blue shoes and wondering if they’re sold like that (Yes, they are, I looked it up). Or listening to the sounds my partner is making to know what is going on, if his fingers are tapping his laptop keyboard furiously then the ref has made a bad decision or the football commentators have said something annoying, if he’s silent he may be asleep so the game may be a bit dull, if he’s loud then one of the players of the Premier league team which he supports, and who are scattered throughout the World Cup teams, has been brilliant as usual.

…I came across a great Youtube channel which had me chuckling so raucously that my partner paused the football to investigate what was causing such a burst of LMAO.

This was the first video which alerted me to the existence of the funny genius known as WheezyWaiter:



British vs USA – WheezyWaiter featuring Chris Howard from Earth Unplugged



It all started when I was searching for the pronunciation of Brazil’s favourite drink – Cachaca. Then I found that there were loads of videos of British versus American English, many of which are very amusing. And along the way I ended up watching the one above. That made me want to see more of WheezyWaiter.

And that’s when I came across the video below:



I Put on My Girlfriend’s Makeup by WheezyWaiter



All I can say is… that’s exactly how I feel about makeup, except he knows more about it than I do because he did a great job, whereas I would have ended up looking like a clown and after having applied foundation I would have rushed to the sink to scrub it all off… because that’s what wearing foundation does to me, it makes me want to rip my face off, but that’s a bit extreme and the aftermath is not attractive, so I opt for something a little more reasonable.

Hope you enjoyΒ WheezyWaiter as much as I did last night!

And if you’re also facing a seriousness up ahead… best wishes!