The Unredeemed and Vampire Venus



“Undoubtedly these aspects give persuasive power; but it is only the foul power of hypocrisy. It rests upon illusion. All that is dim and faery in Neptune, instead of being confined is made horrible by the essential falsity and worthlessness of the unredeemed and vampire Venus…” – Aleister Crowley on Neptune and Venus

I came across these words while browsing the internet for… I can’t recall what it was.

“With regard to the more general qualities of the mind, there should be a dangerous degree of unreliability. You can never tell what such a person may do next, because you never know what he may think next. He will probably be unpunctual from sheer incapacity to understand the value of lime [I was tempted to edit this, but it struck me as highly appropriate and amusing, since to me time may as well be lime… and what is the value of lime, I must remember to do a search on this]. He will probably be unable to follow out any definite course, because of the power which every new impression makes upon him. He will go out to dinner and find himself going for a long walk in the country instead. The smallest matters attract his attention and he flies off at a tangent.” – Aleister Crowley on Neptune in the 3rd House

Does it really matter what I was searching for, surely what I found on my wanderings, what caught my attention is where the attention should rest.


Spending what seemed like hours but was in fact only mere minutes, perusing the astrological writings of Aleister Crowley, less for his astrological insight and more for the sheer joy of the turns of phrase which he used.

“…but the Neptunian intellect carries it on to adult life. It seems incapable of seeing things in due proportion and a man, instead of attending to his business, will be rummaging around the old curiosity shop in search of snuff-boxes.” – Aleister Crowley on Neptune in the 3rd House


Checking out Aleister Crowley’s natal chart to see the personal astrology which was influencing his words. I always like to know from where a person is coming, especially when they seem so certain of their convictions. Who are they, what makes them tick, what impulses, motivations and intentions are colouring their words, their views, and so on. Do they live what they say or live by saying it yet not doing it.

Someone as impressionable as I am…

“It is extremely likely that he is a good hypnotic subject. His mind, never strongly and sanely fixed upon anyone subject, easily passes into a semi-conscious state. He probably spends his time in day-dreams. You will see him agape in the middle of his daily task. Long trains of disconnected thought pass through his mind in unwearying succession. Even in the middle of a conversation he is likely to lapse. As the saying is, ‘his wits go wool-gathering’.” – Aleister Crowley on Neptune in the 3rd House

…likes to know who is making an impression on me.

I have explored the work of Aleister Crowley before. He intrigues and offers alternative perspectives.

“People who have him [Uranus] in this position are nearly always of an extremely independent and original turn of mind. Their point of view is almost always different and radically so from that of the mass of mankind. Such people are invariably what their friends call ‘characters’. But when this is at all accentuated or when the surroundings of the native are ultraconventional a certain antagonism may develop and he may be described as eccentric or even something stronger.” – Aleister Crowley on Uranus in the 1st House


I had indulged this exploration I somehow found myself on a news site reading a story about a criminal whose beautiful face and soulful eyes has captured the imaginative minds and hearts of all those who have seen his image floating across the internet.

The story intrigued me – not his story per se, but the story of all those strangers who are fascinated by the face, the physique of this man. He, his face, has become a lightening rod, not for lightening but for our collective and personal projections.

He is striking to look at, and most recently it has been reported that he has been offered a modelling contract.

If he was ordinary in appearance, and not so appealing to our eyes, would people be interested in his story, in him, in his future… wishing for him to be redeemed. Would we decide that someone with such soulful eyes must have a good heart and it’s not his fault he’s a criminal, but life, someone else, circumstances… and every other excuse we can invent to make ourselves feel less guilty for finding someone who is a criminal and thus bad in society’s view so incredibly attractive.





Ah… Venus… whether in female or male form… how you challenge us, our opinions, prejudices, judgments, thoughts, feelings… make our minds and hearts battle, make reason and logic feel so useless against the illogical and unreasonable. Like a vampire you charm us with your glamour and make us beg to be bitten in the neck, to drink our blood.

“Venus, it is true, means love, beauty and grace, tenderness and the rest: but unless these qualities are stiffened by some male element [I giggled at this, tsk, tsk], they mean in practice, mere weakness, sloppiness, sentimentality. The old alchemists described Venus as having ‘external splendour and internal corruption’ and astrology bears this out. Venus is the false gold, the corrosive and poisonous copper.” – Aleister Crowley on Neptune and Venus