Life’s a Beach…



Beach: Why don’t you ever visit me?

Me: Because you’re too far away.

Beach: Perhaps you are the one who is too far away.

Me: Not at this moment… I am here.

Beach: And so am I.

Me: I am so happy to be here.

Beach: So am I.



*Fifty-Word Inspiration.


8 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach…

    1. You’re right about the water being cold… nice on the feet, but no one on this beach considered swimming in it, especially as there was a cold brisk wind at the time the shot was taken. All humans on the beach were fully clothed, except for one very hardy lad who played in a pool between sea and dunes.

      People in the UK don’t swim in the ocean as much as they enjoy the sight, sounds, smell and nature of it. 🙂


  1. I totally love the beach. My husband & i used to live near the ocean beach but moved and now we live close to a lake beach. Its not not the same. We always discuss how much we miss the ocean, We miss its saltwater , monumental waves, and all the natural treasures in the sand. We especially love the beach at sunset. I agree with your post. The beach is a magnificent gift which is always there for us to enjoy & explore . Yet , we often fail to make time to get there to appreciate the glory of fit. When ever you get there, you always get a fresh perspective on life and problems seem to fade. You always leave thinking that you should get there more often, yet you don’t. Not as much as you should ……………………


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