Having My Cake (Yum) and Eating It Too…



“Nobody gets everything in this life. You decide your priorities and you make your choices. I’d decided long ago that any cake I had would be eaten.” ― Donald E. Westlake 


This post is a blog/blogging related post.

In other words I’m going to bitch a bit about the behind the scenes of blogging, but… eventually I’ll get to that place which makes blogging so worth doing and wonderful. In other words I’ll wax lyrical about the things which I love about blogging, blogs and bloggers. Or something like that.

If you don’t have a blog but have considered creating one… let your creativity inspire you! Take the plunge, I’ll glad I did… even if I occasionally have a bitch about it. It’s one of those bitchin’ sessions that really reveals how passionate I am about something or someone. The ‘hate’ reveals the ‘love’.

The eventually bit… is short.

So is the bitchin’ part.

I find the WordPress reader to be suffused with glitches which annoy me.

The WordPress reader is similar to the Facebook ‘home’ page, the Twitter Timeline, the tumblr dashboard, etc. It’s where you see the latest posts of the blogs which you follow.

However you can’t control it on Wp (or at least I haven’t figured out a way to do so). Which is not necessarily a bad thing… but… if you follow different types of blogs and bloggers who use different styles of blogging, sometimes it would be nice to have a bit of control or compartmentalisation – photo blogs here, poem blogs here, deep rambling thoughts blogs here, NPD blogs here, blogs which mainly reblog  (especially their own old posts which I’ve already read) here, etc.

For instance, sometimes my reader only allows me to see posts which fit into couple of hours of posting time and then it blocks me – no further posts for you, if you missed them, tough doodoo, find them manually you lazy sod. Or it shows me the latest posts and before I know it I’m scrolling through posts which are a month old and there doesn’t seem to be anything in between most recent and a month ago.

Perhaps I’m dong things wrong… always a very possible possibility. Whenever I get the ‘I’m an awesome blogger’ rush… something always brings me crashing down to ‘you suck at blogging’ earth.

Bitchin’ over.

Sort of.

Today I received an award nomination from – Rants and Runs –  which is lovely, and a rewarding part of blogging (unless you’re a cynical type of blogger – a level of blogging which I have not yet reached).


“You can call me what you like, but I will be taking your cake. – L (from Death Note)” ― Tsugumi Ohba


I realised that I wasn’t following the blogger who nominated me… and that made me annoyed at myself because this blogger’s blog is great! I effed up somewhere, glad to have the opportunity to right a wrong because this blog is very inspiring!

This reminded my rather addled and messed up mind that I have quite a few awards which I should pass on… I’ve just been prevaricating due to… stuff… ‘stuff’ is an acceptable excuse, sort of but not really, but I’m sure it has a ‘use by date’ and I’m probably pushing it way beyond that date. But… time… is my totally unable to grasp it tipping point.

Anyway… help… don’t ask for help for something like this, it’s like wasting a wish out of three wishes.


“Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake.” ― Dean Koontz


Okay, forget the random and silly plea for help. Besides the sheep in the neighbouring field have breached the electric fence which doesn’t phase or shock them and are going all Johnathan Livingston Sheep on me, so I have to act quickly and give them a human trying to impose human boundaries on nature to laugh at.


GardenRebelsSheepview from my study window – they are NOT supposed to be there (according to humans) Bah!


So without further ado… adding to the already too much ado… some awesome bloggers and their blogs which I follow and am enriched for following (sorry if I haven’t listed them all – sheep stuff):


Rants and Runs

Cupid or Cats

Madeline Scribes

Feigned Affections


The Infinite Abyss(es)

Don Charisma

Army of Angels

Let Me Reach

Alien Aura’s Blog

Hunt for Truth

A Victim’s Journal

Better not Broken

The Nice Thing About Strangers

Julie Demboski’s Astrology

In The Net

I Am A Survivor

The Big House and other stories

U Be Cute

Soul Healing Art

Not A Punk Rocker

Irene Design 2011

Beth Byrnes

The Phoenix Again


No Diet Forever Lifestyle


Adding links is exhausting (striking a dramatic pose), I need cake energy… to combat rebel sheep too… feel free to bitch at me for not having added a link to your blog, especially if I’ve liked and commented on your posts (I comment rarely on other’s blogs due to… stuff not related to rebel sheep, so when I do, you’ve made an impact on me).


Speak out and add your link…help me please!


I’m taking a cake break. I bought these cakes in the photo to photograph them… that’s my excuse, now I have to eat them. Sigh! (Yay!)


And so it goes.


“I tried to explain as much as I could,” Poppet says. “I think I made an analogy about cake.”
“Well, that must have worked,” Widget says. “Who doesn’t like a good cake analogy?” ― Erin Morgenstern




Eat the cake


ps (I’ve only just added this ps.). I’m adding to the list of awesome bloggers and their blogs… because I can and everyone deserves cake and to eat it too!



    • Thank you 🙂

      From what I’ve read of your latest posts, something new is emerging within you, a powerful creative surge which is stirring a transformation – those can be accompanied by depression as we let go of something old to let something new in. Follow your bliss and trust yourself!


  1. Best award acceptance post ever😉 I found myself laughing every few seconds as I read it…Congratulations to you-and thank you for the nomination! I just love awards- I am challenged by them, which lends me to procrastinate a bit…and try to read more new bloggers in an effort to spread the love. Great sheep and cake!


  2. Thank you so much! Really. I was just perusing your blog and happened across this was am so happy to be on your list. Your blog is fantastic Ursula and the way you write inspires me.


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