Casting a Seed…


“Once in a golden hour,
I cast to earth a seed,
And up there grew a flower,
That others called a weed.”
― Alfred Tennyson

There is a belief that.

You reap what you sow.



There are those who reap the benefits of what others sow…

They collect the ripe fruits, pick the brightly blooming flowers, roam freely in the lush gardens which they did not seed, tend or nurture.

Sometimes they take the credit for what is not their creation.

Once they’ve plundered someone else’s garden of its treasures, they abandon it.

Often angry that what was once a paradise now more closely resembles hell.


They do not see that the paradise turned to hell due to their actions and the consequences of their actions.

They then go off in search of another garden, which belongs to someone else, to plunder, to reap what someone else has sown, all for themselves.

The concept of sharing is not one they know.

Unless it applies to others sharing with them. And even then, their idea of sharing is to possess the largest portion.

Those are the seeds they sow.


They never seem to reap what they sow, they reap what others sow.

And leave others to deal with the weed-infested barren gardens which they created.

There is one person who has been plundering my gardens since I was a child.

While they plundered.

They ripped up plants, claiming they were weeds, before those plants could grow into the flowers and fruit-bearing trees which they actually were.

They trampled on seed beds, uprooted vegetables in mid-growth, rerouted water, cut down trees, and pretended that what they were doing was beneficial.

Their gardening was better than mine, their thumbs were greener.

What they failed to see was that their thumbs were green due to gangrene which infected everything it touched.

I grew accustomed to this, made excuses for them, just as others made excuses for them.

They have never had to reap what they have sown because they get to reap what others sow.

And that includes the consequences of others excusing their behaviour for them.

I did not abandon my garden after it was plundered and left for dead.

I started again from scratch, new foundations, enriching the soil, replacing nutrients, reseeding, replanting, feeding roots and breathing life back into it.

I placed fences around it.

And each subsequent time it was plundered, I created new ways to defend it, improving my system, trying to make it impenetrably to those who were not invited in, to those who did not respect boundaries, nature and the existence of others.

I even tried to disguise my garden.

Make it seem overgrown, abandoned, deserted, unwelcoming to greedy souls.


Nothing seems to keep this garden invader out.

Whatever I do my garden always appeals to greed, to need, which devours.

Just once.

I wish.

A seed cast to earth.

Which may look like a weed once it blooms, but to me it is a flower.

I wish.

Just once.

I would like to keep them out of my garden.

A garden where the grass has finally recovered from their previous visits and is now green. Where I can plant seeds and watch them grow. Where flowers are able to reach full bloom. Vegetables and fruit can become ripe. Trees can reach for the sky. Roots can feel safe to delve deep and far. And water flows freely.

Just once.

I would like to reap what I have sown, and share it with those who have helped the seeds I have planted to grow.

Just once.

I would like to force them to stay on their side of the fence, where the grass is burned yellow, the earth is dust and nothing grows.

Just once.

I would like them to reap what they sow.




These invaders are a part of the ecosystem of our gardens.

And in their own way, they help our gardens to grow.


I wish.